Testimony of Louise Carson

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of Rochester, NY | #christianpodcast #podcast #catholicpodcast #catholicpriest #testimony #CatholicTestimony #Magnficat#TestimonyofLouiseCarsonTestimony of Louise Carson

Louise Carson is a cradle Catholic born and raised in Rhode Island. She met her first husband after college and moved to his hometown of Rochester, NY. They had three children. She went through a period of questioning why she was going to Mass. Shortly after, she went on a retreat, and the experience transformed her life, and she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She knew from then on that God truly loved her and would never leave her. Her renewed faith got her through a rough family time. Their oldest daughter was a troubled teenager who was put in foster care and became pregnant and a young mother at the age of 14.

Louise worked part-time in the medical field while raising her three children. She was divorced when her children were grown and was able to get an annulment. Louise went through a long grieving process and joined a support group that helped heal her pain. That is where she also met her 2nd husband. She received a certification in Pastoral Ministry and worked in her own parish for six years. Then, another tragedy enveloped the family with the loss of her grandson, and she shared how God reminded her that he would never leave her. The scripture she holds close to her heart is Jerimiah 29:11. ‘For I know the plans I have for you, a time to prosper and not of woe.’

This testimony was given in March 2022 to the Albany Magnificat Chapter, NY.

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