The Rosary by Fr. Kevin Scallon

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Today we present an excerpt from the book Fr. Kevin’s Korner.Today we present an excerpt from the book Fr. Kevin’s Korner. Today’s article is entitled: The Rosary: A Walk to Emmaus. The greatness of the Rosary lies in its power to help us walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Walk with Fr. Kevin today as he takes on a portion of his walk with the Rosary.

Fr. Kevin’s words of wit and wisdom were originally shared as articles written for the Magnificat Newsletter during the 16 years he served as Magnificat’s Spiritual Advisor. Fr. Kevin went home to the Lord in 2018. His meditation is read for us today by Tom Green.

Magnificat, taken from Luke: 1, is the great hymn of praise that Mary prayed while visiting her cousin, Elizabeth. Through the Magnificat Podcast, we can come together in God’s presence and proclaim that the Almighty has done great things for you and me and holy is His Name!

Fr. Kevin’s Korner is available in hard copy or eBook through Amazon.  Visit us at to find out more about Magnificat!


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