The Work of a Matriarch

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The Work of a MatriarchEpisode 79–The Work of a Matriarch


The Working Woman’s Radio Show ended Women’s History Month with a special presentation called ‘The Work of a Matriarch’.

This special episode is a tribute to the woman who affected my personal history the most–my mother, Joanna Johnson Styles.

The feature is based on a story that I wrote entitled ‘A Portrait of an African-American Matriarch’, which describes the journey my mother took to become the extraordinary woman that she is, today.

My mother not only transcended her own history, but her countless sacrifices and selfless acts of service changed the course of history for our family.

Heroic and ambitious, she has laid a firm foundation and gave our family the tools for success. Her faith, her focus, and her fearlessness make her a beautiful portrait of an African-American matriarch.





Elevate!–The show that lifts you up.

I would like to let my listening audience know about a new talk show that my daughter, Adrianna, and I will be hosting on YouTube called, Elevate!’

We created the show because our family loves living life together and we want to share some of those experiences with you. We want to elevate, inspire, and encourage other people to live their best lives, too.

We’re going to cover the topics that matter most to you. We will be talking about ways to elevate your finances, food, fashion, mind, and home decor. We want to bring you facts and great information.

Our first show will air Sunday, March 28th at 6 PM. So take a moment to subscribe to the Elevate! YouTube channel and please share with your friends.  To view episode one, go to Elevate!

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