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Your will LordYour Will Lord

Episode #12

How often have we struggled against what we want and what actually happens in our life? In this podcast, I explore the difference between wishing for another time, another place or another life -and ways to embrace the life you have.

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Show Notes: Your Will Lord 

  1. Life happens
    • Often when things happen in our lives the first words we utter are, “Why me, Lord?”
    • How do we combat our self-pity?
  2. When tragedy strikes
    • Regrouping
    • First things first
  3. Out of control
    • Losing control
    • Understanding
  4. Our of our control
    • God’s got this
    • Moving over and letting God
  5. The difference between real and perceived struggles
    • What can you do?
    • What can’t you do?
  6. Allowing God to work in our lives
    • Letting go
    • Allowing more of Him and less of us
  7. Only one right way?
    • Who is right?
    • Who is in control?
  8. How to deal with the stress
    • Always stress
    • Handling stress well
  9. One thing
    • Most immediate
    • In the right order
  10. Coping
    • Short term
    • Long-term

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