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Avoiding sin (even those small ones) is something we try to do as a Christian and for some it is easier than others.Avoiding Sin – Episode 189

Avoiding sin (even those small ones) is something we try to do as a Christian and for some it is easier than others. There is a secret weapon to avoiding sin and it begins with the idea that God’s grace is key.

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Sin – it is something we shudder to think about, honestly no one wants to be in a state of sin! We use different tools at our disposal whether it is reading God’s word in the Holy Bible, or praying daily. We can do an examination of conscience https://ultimatechristianpo I created a podcast (the link is in the show notes) some time ago that helps us to look at our lives and really ask the Lord to reveal areas where we need to repent and ask forgiveness. And, even in the Holy Gospel of Luke – 11:1-4 we read…

This is the prayer we know as the Lord’s prayer and I know many of you pray this daily. Yet, the main part of this prayer is one we gloss over and that is – Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us – We are forgiven in the same measure we forgive.

Wow – it reminds us each and every day that only by the grace of God can we ever forgive in the same measure, only with God’s help. And, that is the purpose of today’s podcast. If we are not going to the Lord daily and asking Him for His help in our daily struggles there is no way we can succeed. Oh, sure – we can succeed for a while with small attempts or heroic virtue thrown in to help us out, but often after a daily struggle especially in an area where we are weak we will find ourselves falling down that slippery slope.

What are these sins we should avoid?

  1. Lying – even small lies. Many times we lie to ourselves – watch this.
  2. Gossip – this can hurt not only ourselves but those we are sharing the information with. (Warning as Christians saying: I am not gossiping I am only telling you this so you can pray is a co out unless someone has asked you specifically to share a prayer request.)
  3. Putting others down – negativity. Using words in a harmful way.
  4. Failing to forgive or ask for forgiveness.

This is a shortlist of five things but. If you take the time to pray and ask the Lord I’m sure your list will have items that are specific to you and your needs.

Take time to put together a list of scripture verses that will help you in a time when you are down. Recently I was filled with a heaviness I could not explain, I was coming off of weeks of not feeling well and just as I was getting better I had another two setbacks. I was feeling down and ready to get out of the house, but instead found myself still struggling. It wasn’t until I was able to play some praise and worship music and sing to the Lord that this heaviness left.

What are your favorite songs, be sure to put them in a playlist for a time when you need to be joyful or uplifted. What about a list of scripture verses?

John 14:15 – “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” I always love to remind my children they are not suggestions, they are commandments.

Deuteronomy 28:1-68 is a beautiful passage… here is an expert 28:1-9 but please read the entire passage it is beautiful!

And there are the warnings – James 4:17 “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. “

We have been warned and we do not want to be in SIN –

It is those little insidious things that cause us to fall and if we are right with the Lord, we pray daily for HIS will, not ours, that our will is united to His – then and only then will be free!

Let’s Pray

My Lord, I ask as I pray the Lord’s prayer to deliver me from evil, to protect me and my loved ones, and to watch over us daily. Help me to avoid sin, my God, and to focus on all that is good and pleasing to You. Help me to watch shows that are good, and read books that are good as well, help me to make time daily for Your Word. Dear Lord I pray for the following people and intentions …. And if it within your Holy Will I ask for you to grand these desires of my heart, and I pray this in Jesus Name. Amen.



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