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Christian Journey ~ Life’s Journey With Christ – Episode 212

Have you heard the saying if life hands you lemons make lemonade? Sometimes that is what our Christian journey feels like, a constant struggle to make that lemonade when all we want is to sit with a sour face. In this podcast, I talk about how we can make our journey better, one step at a time.

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When was the last time you picked up your cross and followed Christ? For some of us, it is every day. Or, just when you think you have a break in your life it begins all over again! Our Christian journey is one that is filled with love, and laughter but also with the cross. Yet, our cross is not so heavy if we allow the Lord to help us carry it. More on the podcast.

With a plan such as reading the Bible, taking time to pray, journaling, and spending some time in quiet with God, we will be prepared for those arrows from the wicked one. God is a God of blessings!

Ephesians 1:3-6 (Read on air)

Wow – to the praise and the glory of His grace! If that doesn’t make you smile nothing will. Our faith journey is littered with hardships, yes but it is filled with praise, we are the adopted sons and daughters through Jesus Christ what else could we possibly desire? Jesus himself showed us how to be a true servant, the master served the disciples. He taught them and he lifted them up. He shared the food He had and He spoke to them of a time when there would no longer be tears. The disciples truly walked with the Lord and yet after he died, they did not recognize Him. The walk to Emmaus is an example of this. Our walk to Emmaus is our daily journey of faith. You can read about this in Luke 24:35-48 but here is an excerpt – Luke 24:44-48 (read on air)

Because of what Jesus said, the repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed and in His Name, all the nations would witness this, because of what Jesus did for us there is this Divine power, this is the power of God that turns horrible things into something wonderful. The tears of sorrow become the tears of joy. Without hardships, we can not appreciate the wonderful things that happen.

We need to remember this on our walk that as Jesus kept coming back to his apostles to teach them, He comes to us through His Holy Spirit, holy men and women that God puts in our path and in our churches, and the Holy Word of God. In this way, the Lord keeps coming to us on our faith journey and we should thank the Lord for opening our eyes and sharing in that journey in the breaking of the bread. Each meal should begin with a prayer of thanksgiving. Each day should begin in the same way. This relationship of ours with Jesus Christ, true God, and true man is such a gift and one we should cherish.

Fill in the blank of the following sentence: “As we travel on the road of faith, I will continually seek:__________

What would be on your list? Think about this, and create a list of five to ten things (or more). This will help you to see where you are and it will help you to make a plan. Light, true light dispels the darkness of the soul but in order for this light to penetrate, we must be willing to open our hearts to God. Lying is one of the ways that keeps the light out and sometimes people fall into the trap of lies because they want to say what is pleasing to others without thinking about the truth.

The light of Christ breaks down the barriers of selfishness and pride, it breaks down greed and sin, it opens us up to what needs cleaning and it gives us a chance to do it before it is too late. Today at Mass the pastor urged us to think about our final day on earth as one of the things we do each day. If it was our final day how would we live? This puts our life into perspective and hopefully leads to our transformation.

Our faith journey should include a conversion and a transformation but also growth and conformity into the life that God has for us, a life that is far more splendid than anything we can imagine. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. That is what we pray in the Lord’s prayer and that is the challenge for you this week. As you travel the road of faith, pick up a friend or two and proceed toward Him, who is there with open arms. May God be blessed, now and forever.


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