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Christian Ministry | Have you considered volunteering in a Christian Ministry? In today’s episode, we discuss why ministry work is important and ways to pray to the Lord for help in leading you. | #podcast #christianpodcastChristian Ministry — Episode 105

Have you considered volunteering in a Christian Ministry? In today’s episode, we discuss why ministry work is important and ways to pray to the Lord for help in leading you.


Recently on a trip, I met two very sweet nuns. It is often that you see nuns wearing a habit and so, they pretty much stand out. One, in particular, caught my eye and she seemed to have that peace of Christ. She had a smile on her face and looked so inviting that I fell into easy conversation with her. She told me she wasn’t always Catholic and actually had a late calling to become a nun. I was so taken by her story that I asked her if I could interview Sr. Cecilia at some point for the One More Child Podcast and she said yes! So, I hope to do that soon.

That started me thinking. Here is this lady who has given her life to Christ and is by worldly standards “giving up everything,” to serve in a life of ministry. One of our family friends’ oldest son is a Catholic priest and we knew him as a young boy. He was a good student, started out homeschooling and then into a private Catholic high school, went to college and then, God called him. He said that when he was twelve he told us he wanted to be a priest but no one took him seriously. He had a bright future and he too “gave up everything,” to serve the Lord.

Do we give up everything when we serve? I don’t believe we do because as I am sure you know, you can’t out give God. Try it!

Ministry in a way is framed in Scripture with hospitality. We read of times when the Lord appeared or showed himself to those such as Abraham.

Abraham greets three stranger and gives them a wonderful meal – A and S did not know this was the Lord until he predicted that Sarah would bear a son (well past her childbearing years)

Later we read that Martha and Mary open their home to the Lord and his disciples – Mary listens to Jesus and Martha does the work – yet each serves God in their own way.

Last week we spoke about desiring God in our lives – more of God and less of us – and the love of God changes our hearts! We read in the Bible about how God showed us this love in serving others.

Have you asked yourself how you can serve God? Is there a Christian ministry that needs your help? I’m part of a women’s ministry, Magnificat that hosts a prayer breakfast four times a year. At this breakfast, we open our hearts to the women who attend, we have music and we sing praises to God and then we pray, we listen to a speaker who tells us their testimony about what God has done in their lives. Not so they can boast but so that they can point to the Lord and say, see where I am now thanks be to God.

Every time I attend I feel a stronger pull and call to serve God. We see examples of today of ministries. There are Christian ministries serve in nursing homes, they take communion to the people there, they set up prayer times and visit with the people.

We see those who serve in ministry to help bring the word of God whether in testimonies – This is what God has done in my life – or teachings that will allow us to make life changes and want to also be open to hospitality.

There are people who write books, who give talks, who host podcasts. Of course, when we think of ministry we think of those who go into the “mission field” to bring Christ to people in foreign countries.

Christian ministry can be as simple as a smile to a stranger, a smile to someone at church or even baking a bit extra to give a neighbor or friend. If we love the Lord we will open our hearts to serve those around us in any way that we can.

Look at the time you have and also your gifts. What do you have to offer? Sometimes a smile and a love for the Lord is enough! I remember one time praying that God uses me to bring more people to him… kids little … at home… no time. Repair people, cleaning people, bug guy!

Take some time and open your journal and ask God:

  1. Do you want me to serve you in Christian Ministry?
  2. How do you want me to serve?
  3. Bring me opportunities
  4. Open the doors
  5. Show me which ones to walk in!

Let’s Pray – Dear Lord you have called each one of us by name. You have asked us to make disciples of all nations, and while I have little to offer I give you the little I have. Please God, use me in this time of confusion, in this time of hardship and heartbreak. We live in a hurting world Lord, please use us to bring love and peace in your precious Name. Lord I ask for the following: (pray here). Lord, I praise you among all Names, and I thank you for every good thing and I pray this in Jesus, Name. Amen.

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