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Christian Resolution ~ 235

We hear about New Year’s Resolutions, but what about a Christian Resolution…of faith? In this episode, Felice explores the possibility that the gifts God has for us are more than we can imagine if we put on the right mindset.

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As a Christian, the New Year seems like the perfect time for a Christian Resolution instead of a New Year’s Resolution. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, let’s look at ways to thrive in the new year! So, it is time for a Christian resolution. What is on your list? It may be simple things such as spending Christian Resolution | We hear about New Year's Resolutions, but what about a Christian Resolution...of faith? In this episode, Felice explores the possibility that the gifts God has for us are more than we can imagine if we put on the right mindset. | #podcast #christianpodcast #christianresoltuion #newyearsresoltuiontime with God in prayer or going to church on a regular basis; maybe you’ve added works of service, visiting the elderly, or volunteering at the soup kitchen. These are all great and helpful in our walk with the Lord.

For most of us, this is all we can do at this time in our life, and it serves us well. When I listen to podcasts or YouTube videos that list ten things to do, I am often overwhelmed and shut down. My focus in these podcasts is to provide you with some tools and let you decide what works for you. In saying that, as a Christian, what is your focus? Is it in improving your relationship with God? One of the beautiful benefits of strengthening our relationship with God is that it flows into our relationships with others. It has the added benefit of giving us a sense of joy and peace.

The obstacles to our relationship with God are usually centered on what we perceive the Lord wants for us or expects us to do. As Christians, we should want to be free from sin; after all, isn’t that what He expects? So, what keeps us from this?

The expectations for being a Christian may seem restrictive to some or insurmountable to others. But truthfully, being a Christian is as the scriptures state – the truth will set you free.

Today we don’t know what is true. We don’t know who to trust. We’ve been deceived, and it is a horrible feeling to be lied to. Who can we trust? Only the Lord. John 8:31-32 (Read on air.)

Jesus answered in the following verses and explained (read the entirety of John 8), but the summation of his teaching was this, if you are in sin or commit a sin, you are then the slave to that sin. The draw to sin increases each time. But by turning away from sin we also turn away from slavery or the enticement of sinning. Therefore, there is freedom. Then we read in Chapter 8, verses 42-43

When we make up our list of things we want to accomplish in the new year or each week or whenever we take the time to improve our Spiritual life, we find that there are obstacles in our way, and that obstacle tends to be sin. God is waiting with open arms.

In verses 42-43, the Lord continues to explain…(Read on air).

If we can not believe the Word of God, we need to spend some time analyzing why. To love, we must spend time with the person and get to know them; this is true with our relationship with God. God is love, and as such, He is there waiting with open arms for us to go to Him, but sin keeps us from a true relationship. This wall we put up is self-preservation. We don’t want to be hurt; we don’t want to be lied to – we are protecting ourselves.

We are protective of our feelings, but with God, we can let those protections go, and the first thing we need to do is remove whatever is keeping us from Him.

Jesus goes on in verses 44-47 (Read on air).

The father of lies continues to wreak havoc on the world in which we live, and because of so many things, mainly the way Christians have retreated, we have a world that is heading toward devastation if not already there. Christians must stand up for truth. Christians who are from God hear the words of God. Are we from God? That, my friends, is my Christian Resolution to be with God in word and deed, to ask God before stepping out on my own, and to pray to God for His love, providence, and protection.

Take the time to text a family member or friend in need who asks for prayer or to stop immediately to pray. Ask the Lord to call to mind a friend or family member who needs prayers, and you will find that this is one way that the Lord can use you in a powerful way.

This year I want to challenge you to find a Christian Resolution you can stick to, and I pray you write it down and grow closer to God each day.


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