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Connections | It's all about connections, who do you know, how can you get an interview on a podcast, how can you promote your book? Connections mean everything in the industry saturated with mediocre and many time false information about the writing and publishing industry. | #podcast #writingandpodcastingConnections In Writing, Podcasting & Publishing – Episode 9

It’s all about connections, who do you know, how can you get an interview on a podcast, how can you promote your book? Connections mean everything in the industry saturated with mediocre and many time false information about the writing and publishing industry.

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My story began backward, I had a speaking platform before I had a book. This is actually a great way to begin because when you have a book, product or service, you already have a willing and waiting group of people who are interested in buying what you have to sell. That is one reason I recommend that you begin a podcast if you have allot of information worth sharing.

I’ve worked with many people in the writing, publishing and podcasting world. I’ve met some heads of large publishing companies and learned that I’m very happy as a self-published author. As I may have shared in the past, I received and turned down a four-book publishing contract. Were there times I regretted this? Yes, but then I know that it was all for the best.

One of the introductions to a large publisher came from a friend. He was actually an author but his day job was as an investment planner. I met him at a conference after he heard me speak, liked what I had to say and we had a nice conversation at my book table afterward. He wanted to introduce me to this publisher (who was his publisher) as well as one of his clients. Connections!

Connections help us in time of need. When I had my book publishing offer and read over the contract I realized that I needed to give this company the right of refusal with any of my upcoming books. I also knew that this company had a very narrow focus and my other books would have a larger market. These were not decisions I made lightly. It helped that I could go to a friend who had signed a book deal with another publisher and compare notes. I realized that with my goal, which was to run an online platform my goals were a bit different than most.

We live firmly in the world of home, family, and schedules. For those of us who run businesses, we also live in a world of people we’ve never met, people who are dear friends, and we form many symbiotic relationships. In my online world I know many people, in fact, my Facebook feed can attest to this and there is a small fraction of my friends that I have met in real life. Yet, many of those friends and connections are real and basically in this age of technology a mouse click away.

How do we use our connections? That is the real question. Before we delve into this, I want to share what I call a “secret sauce” piece of information. I’m a cook can you tell? This information will make a difference in how others perceive you online. The secret is to be a friend before you begin asking for favors. I can not tell you all the times I receive emails from people who ask to be interviewed. Either the emails are from slick advertising companies representing these authors or product providers, or the person themselves.

I think, are we friends on Facebook. I look – no. Are we connected on LinkedIn? No. Twitter? No. Instagram? No again.

If I am not your friend on social media and you ask me something, even if you have the best product known to man out there, I’m frankly just not that interested. Interviewing takes time and work. I have to find out all about you, look at your books or service, understand a bit about your history or back story. I will in addition promote, promote, promote your interview once it is complete. Work. Lots of work.

Do you see why connections are important? I’ve had people begin sharing my posts, comment on my podcasts, or send me emails after receiving something from my mailing list. These are connections, they are people I may know or interact with. Sometimes, rarely someone sends me an email and it interests me so much I’ll ask for an interview, but that happens rarely. An interview is a favor.

Here are my top tips for making the right connections:

  1. Be sure to connect on social media. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  2. Do they have a podcast? Be sure you listen, comment and share.
  3. Do they have a blog? Comment.
  4. Share, share, share. DO you see them posting on social media? Share it with your friends.
  5. Give. Give. Give.

I love to read and in my spare time that is what I do! It is an escape and I try to read one spiritual book, one business book, and then one fun book. I followed my own advice and after reading a book that I received for free on Amazon Kindle, I followed the author and bought all the other books in the series. She invited in her books to subscribe to her email to get a free book, and I did. I found myself enjoying her short emails and then a request. Receive ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) to find typos etc. and in return comment on social media and where the books are sold – disclosing that I received a free copy. Since I liked the author I was in. Then, the author emailed me back (after I sent links to the reviews) surprised I wrote three different reviews. Seriously? Who would post the same review three places? Obviously, someone who doesn’t know about the importance of SEO (search engine optimization – a must for those of us who know what that means.). So, I thought why not ask, this lady seems really nice – I should interview her! And, she said yes. So, at some point, I’ll have her on this show.

Connections. They take time but they work. And, friends you will be surprised at how a seemingly benign and kind thing turns into something more!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode, connect with me on social media, and please follow this show, give me a star rating on your favorite podcast app, and share this episode with a friend!

Hope you plan on coming to the Ultimate Christian Communicator’s Conference so we can meet in real life! And, I hope to talk to you soon!

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