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Easter People | We are Easter people, that is we have hope and faith. In this episode of A Few Minutes with God Podcast we will discuss the amazing impact of our Savior, Jesus Christ in our lives. He has indeed risen! | #podcast #christianpodcasat #easterpeople #JesusChrist #Christian #ChristianTeaching Easter People 138

We are Easter people, that is we have hope and faith. In this episode of A Few Minutes with God Podcast we will discuss the amazing impact of our Savior, Jesus Christ in our lives. He has indeed risen!

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This year our Easter service for the first time ever is going to be celebrated at home. Our churches are all closed because of the pandemic and it is a tragedy to all of us so accustomed to our joyous church celebrations, yet while sad, we have hope. And I know we will give God the glory and praise no matter what.

Easter is the holiest of holy days of the year for a Christian. It is the time we remember and recreate in our prayers and services the days leading up to the resurrection. We begin with Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane all the way to His crucifixion and then finally, the day we’ve been waiting to celebrate, the resurrection, Easter Sunday. It is time to rejoice, to celebrate. In Acts 4:2  we read…”They were greatly disturbed because the apostles…”

We need to rejoice and shout it from the rooftops, my Lord lives. Do we really think the Lord is alive today? Do we only remember one day only, Easter Sunday—or is it an ongoing celebration? Do others look at us and say, “What is different about you?” or “I want what you have.”

The power of faith transforms us from ordinary people to extraordinary heirs of the kingdom of God. We long for the resurrection and the celebration of the day because it shows us that Jesus by his sacrifice opened the doors of heaven for us. We have an advocate we have a Savior, a redeemer.

1 Corinthians 15 is the account of Christ’s resurrection from the dead written by Paul – who was once Saul and had persecuted the church and its people.

1 Corinthians 15: 3-11 (read on air)  Through the centuries unbelievers have questioned the authenticity of Jesus no so much as living on the earth, as there is a historical record of that. But, whether or not he is the Son of God. Did Jesus really raise-up from the dead? There were so many eye-witnesses and many of these died rather than deny Christ.

Acts 10:34 Peter (read on air)  The Holy Spirit is given to us – but are we open to receiving it? Do we recognize ourselves as Easter people? What about those all around us who have been given the gift of faith that –once again bears repeating – is always freely given by God, are inspired to share it with others. Easter people are those who give selflessly, are the ones who look at their own families and are satisfied without looking at others. Easter people are the ones who show the love of God by their example no matter what. They know that God has never forsaken them and he does not show partiality. Faith is a gift and salvation is not something we can earn but something God freely gives. Those who are so blessed by this gift of faith are the ones who can’t help but serve others, who share their resources, who have open hands and arms and say more of you Lord and less of me.

They are the ones that believe that the cross of Jesus Christ as horrific and painful is what transforms us because without the cross there would be no resurrection, the cross has transformed suffering into the blessings of eternal life yet to come. There is more, there is a life with God where there is no pain and suffering, not stress, no virus, no uncertainty, no strife or hurt—no depression. When we consider heaven, we picture Jesus with His arms open wide. He is waiting for us! Are we willing to deny ourselves temptations that ultimately lead us into sin? Do we want everlasting life? Christ by the power of his resurrection promised to restore all things!

Matthew 19:27-28 -(read on air)

Mark 10:28-31 (read on air)

How do we want to be received? I pray the Lord is there with open arms!

Dear Lord – we praise you and we thank you especially for the grace and blessings you have given to all of us. I ask you Lord, for your help to realize that every day is a day to celebrate, to rejoice and to be open to the Holy Spirit in our lives. Pour into us dear Lord the blessings to accomplish your will and the strength to rejoice in all things. Please bless our families and I lift up the following people that I am praying for…  and I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.




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