Faith Comes In Small Packages

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Faith Comes in Small Packages | Many precious gifts are small similar to our faith that comes in small packages. What a blessing and something we often overlook. #faith #ChristianPodcast #faithandblessings #ChristmasFaith Comes In Small Packages ~ Episode 232

Many precious gifts are small similar to our faith. Faith comes in small packages. What a blessing and something we often overlook. Instead, we often look for those “Faith-Grand-Gestures.” What are those small things that make faith so precious in our life? Consider this in light of the often over-the-top celebrations happening all around us. Truly the biggest blessing are gifts we can’t buy and that is the key to faith!

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What are those things that come in small packages that you cherish? Take a minute to think about this. I have a list of about five things I can think of that are small and important to me. When we look at faith in this way we can see that those small things add up to something priceless. The way we practice our faith should not be a burden or a list of things we have to do, it should be a lifestyle that is effortless. As I’ve shared in previous episodes Christians feel that we don’t give up anything for our faith but that our faith gives us so much more than we can ever repay or give back.

The happiest people I know are the ones that do things for others. My brother, through an unfortunate surgery, lost sight in one of his eyes. He went from a high-powered job to staying at home and living with a disability. Yet, I’ve watched him through the years and his recovery process and he is happier than now and has become involved in various charities. One is where he goes to the schools and reads to kids, another is the Beds for Kids program where the charitable organization works with foster parents to obtain new beds for the kids they foster. He is so happy and animated when he talks about these things, even if he can no longer drive because of his eyesight. While it is difficult for his family, they have all learned to cope and appreciate the gift of life.

In giving to others, we are blessed. That is also an underlying theme of the Christian faith which underscores love for others above self. I think we all know people that put themselves first and they are not happy. Or, if they appear happy to others those who know them well can see the underlying hurt.

It is easy to rejoice in all things when everything is going well, but what about when we have those hardships in our lives? The way we react shows us how we truly are in our walk with the Lord. At one time when finances were tight, I remember rejoicing in all of the things I was surrounded with that were free. One thing was the beautiful sky or the wonderful weather. The other was the love of family and friends. Another is the joy of being able to come to you weekly and proclaim the joys of the Christian faith. These are truly simple pleasures but can be part of the overall joy of celebrating God’s love.

It is good to remember that we should be awake and notice the things happening around us and in this way be awakened to the truth of salvation. Romans 13:11-14 states

The weeks leading up to the Christmas season remind us that Christ is the light and as we know the light dispels darkness. When we are in sin we often don’t recognize it, but later when we see it, we realize that we were in a sense in the dark. That is why I make an effort to see the good in things big and small.

The joy of having family near or spending time with my kids when they are visiting home. The time I spend with a dear friend or even an acquaintance at church. I remember hearing that when we smile at a stranger it might be the only smile they get that day. Can you imagine? We get caught up in our own world and our own problems that we often forget the hardships of others.

When we think about faith coming in small packages we can point to the scene in the manager at the birth of Christ. The fear that Mary and Joseph had to overcome to bring the Savior into the world. The confusion when they were visited by the wise men or the Magi, then by the coming of the shepherds who heard the herald or calling of the angels and followed the star. What a miracle and so many things to think about and ponder in their heart. We hear that about Mary in the scriptures that she pondered things in her heart. I may have shared with you that I love the movie The Nativity because it depicts Mary and Joseph in a way that brings home their humble roots and their hardships and makes the birth of Christ so real and heartfelt. One of my favorite scenes is when a poor shepherd allows them to share his fire as they rest for a short time on their journey he says that he is no one, and Mary says that the child is for everyone.

That tiny bundle, that small package was touching the hearts of men and women before he was hours old. If we open our hearts to those small things in our spiritual lives, we will find our faith grow.

The tiny package in our lives can consist of love, joy, and peace. Those three small words pack a punch and can increase our love and our faith. Your challenge this week is to look for those small and often forgotten joys that we often overlook and thank and praise God for this and for all things!


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