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Faith Walk | Are you ready to make this the best year with a faith walk commitment? We have choices to make and this New Year is a clean slate! We can select our faith walk as one where we get closer to God, walk with purpose and have a goal of hope in mind! | #podcast #christianpodcastFaith Walk Commitment – 124

Are you ready to make this the best year with a faith walk commitment? We have choices to make and this New Year is a clean slate! We can select our faith walk as one where we get closer to God, walk with purpose and have a goal of hope in mind!

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In our lives, the choices we make often have repercussions for the good and for the bad. We want to choose what is right but more often doing the least amount is easier. Let’s face it is it easier to turn on the television and veg out rather than pour over the Bible, pray, listen and journal with the hope of making a significant change for the better in your life.

The Christian faith walk brings us to freedom and join. But it does not come, as with any good thing without challenges. There are obstacles in our walk, roadblocks, and detours. We want to go right and yet we turn left, we plan to move up and instead find ourselves down. The more we try the worse things seem. I remember telling my pastor that the more I tried to follow God the harder life seemed to get, and he reminded me of a simple truth. He said the keyword was the “I” the more “I” tried to follow God. Following God is simply a decision, putting one proverbial foot in front of the other. It isn’t what I am doing it is what I am deciding, each and every day. I choose You, God. I choose Your will for my life. I choose to follow You.

Check out this audio on making a new year’s faith journey.

The series of A Few Minutes with God began, as most of you know with the urging that I was doing quite a bit of talking to God but never stopping to listen. I have a ton of words – and I believed the more the better. But as an adult, my faith matured and I began to really seek God not only as a generous and benevolent Father – God, I need this, I need that… preferably now – to wanting more in my life. I wanted more faith, I wanted more focus, I wanted more of God. This translated for me into a much, much happier life which translates into relationships that were happier with my husband, my children, and my friends.

Relationships hinge on a simple truth which most of us miss. And, that is a relationship that is healthy can only we accomplished when we have the love of God in our life. Without God’s love, we can not pour into others. That is one of the reasons that there are so many dysfunctional families in our world today and truthfully depressed Christians.

Our eyes have been removed from the sacred above and focused on the devices in our hands—and all the temptations that come with this. In my lifetime I have seen such phenomenal growth in technology. We used to think that television was distracting and now we carry our televisions and computers in our hands many unrestricted with all types of temptations that lead to sin. These devices are amazing and valuable – in fact, all of you are listening to this podcast on a digital device. Yet, all of this distraction takes our eyes away from God—and sometimes right into the hands of the enemy and ruin relationships.

Relationships take time with God. Relationships take time. They take work. They take listening. They take change. Who has time for this?

But, guess what friends – what if I told you this can be easy. God isn’t complicated we make Him complicated. A faith commitment means saying yes to God – I want more. I want to live a life that is beyond good, beyond great – a life that is amazing and faith-filled. I want to live a life where God knows my needs before I even know them and provides. Easy.

Friends – this can happen and happens to me over and over again. I think it has happened my entire life but I was never tuned into God to see it! God is all around us but we do not have eyes that see!

A faith walk commitment means knowing that you have agreed to learn this year and to be wowed by the miraculous. Think about this. The Divine – Almighty God is the God of miracles. Our lives are a miracle the technology we have is a miracle, the advances in the medical field and so on are miraculous. Not long ago I did a podcast with a friend of mine who is a scientist on DNA and how it was believed that most of our DNA was considered junk (PUT IN LINK) because they didn’t understand it’s purpose. Well, with the advances in science the realization is that most of this DNA is now accounted for – and that is a problem for those who do not believe in God because it is basically impossible to happen out of nothing. I’ve placed the podcast link in the show notes on – Faith Walk Commitment or visit for more.

As Christians, we believe in a Divine Creator, we walk in faith and our commitment just deepens the more we learn about God. We are not fearful about what science shows because everything points to a Divine Creator. Our commitment is not to know everything but to be open to learning. Are you ready?

Get out a piece of paper and think about what a faith walk commitment means to you.

Faith Walk Commitment:

  1. Saying yes to walking closer to God.
  2. Less words.
  3. Commitment to learning.
  4. Relationships
  5. Mentoring

My husband and I were asked to help mentor couples that are considering marriage. This is a huge responsibility to us and one we do not take lightly. My first response was, “Sure, after forty years of marriage I can tell you all the things not to do!” But, seriously it is a shame that among Christians the rate of divorce is similar to that for non-believers. Why? Because of relationship. If we get right with God everything, and I mean everything will be easier to handle in our lives. Are you ready? Make a faith walk commitment right now.

Let’s Pray:

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that you provide for each of us to walk closer to you this year, to make a decision each and every day for more of you Lord, more of you in my life. God, I can not do this alone. I need You. Please help me in my every day, in my decisions, in my choices and expand my time. I ask that you help me to see you in the little miracles of daily life. Dear Lord, I ask for the following prayers … Lord provide for those I pray for and for my special intentions even those I have not asked for – you know my heart, my God. And, I pray this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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