Fearless Faith Journey

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Fearless Faith Journey | How do we have a fearless faith journey when our lives are fearful and full of confusion? In this episode, we will discuss how our journey should be one with hope instead of fear, and we should not be afraid. | #podcast #christianpodcast #fearlessfaith #christianfaith #christian #faithjourneyFearless Faith Journey –  152

How do we have a fearless faith journey when our lives are fearful and full of confusion? In this episode, we will discuss how our journey should be one with hope instead of fear, and we should not be afraid.

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Our fearless faith journey looks different depending on where we are in our lives. If we are young, our journey has just started and as we age we are wiser (I call wisdom learning from our past mistakes and making an oath not to do them again!) And, in the sense we now see this journey with a rearview mirror and some of us like what we see and the others want to forget. There are some things that keep us pinned down unable to move forward in our faith journey. These things are:

  1. Fear
  2. Regret
  3. Paralysis

Many people base their feelings on emotion and what is happening in their relationships but if our relationship with the Lord is on a solid ground out a relationship with our loved ones, our friends will all fall into place. (Podcast on Relationship with Christ here)

Life is a journey and so is our faith. We plan for our lives, our retirement our vacations. We plan for futures but we don’t look at our faith the same way. For some, it is a one-time acceptance. I’ve accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior, I have repented of my sins and I promise to sin no more, Amen. And that is it – then they live their lives as if they don’t have a care in the world and no outward sign to others of what they have been given. A gift of eternal life. How can we not want to shout it from the rooftops? “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!” This is a precious gift that some have accepted on their life journey and they don’t ever tell anyone about it!

We begin as baby Christians on a path where we don’t really know what we are doing or what is expected of us. Many think that Christianity is a list of what we need to give up! In fact, the list is more extensive the more someone has lived. God doesn’t say, don’t have fun and live your life in sackcloth and contemplation of your past sins. No, Jesus has died for our sins and all we need to do is release them.

Fearless Faith Journey

Faith is freeing and sin bogs us down, it gives us anxiety it makes us feel horrible. We are built with a conscience whether you like it or not. Let’s say you steal and you are not caught, how does that make you feel? If you have a well-formed conscience you will feel horrible. Picture this, a clear glass that is brilliant and multi-faceted. The light that is pure can flow through the glass and in the glass. Now put the glass in a pit of mud, and what do we have … we have glass that is dirty and the light filters through there and there but mostly is blocked from entering. That is the state of our souls when we sin and have an absence of God – and for many of us, we don’t even see it. Lying. Gossip. Anger. Self-Righteousness. Stealing. Killing. and so forth.

When we see rioting or looting we think, “How can people do this?” We see evil for evil. We see good for good. Others may not see this as clearly or if they do, they chose evil.

Our faith journey has ups and downs but that happens when we forget that Jesus is Lord and God reigns. We forget and we become sad or despondent. We take the cross of illness, anxiety, stress, and allow it to bog us down to the point that we are indeed paralyzed and fearful. The question is how do we get past these roadblocks in life?

Write them down. Right now. Stop this audio and write down what is preventing you from your travels, your personal life journey. What are you holding on to? What can you not let go of? What fear is overwhelming you? What is the issue in your life that has no solution? Our fearless faith journey begins with these five point:

  1. Remember that we have been redeemed by the Lord ~ Revelations 5:11

    11 Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand. They encircled the throne and the living creatures and the elders. 12 In a loud voice they were saying:

    “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain,
    to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength
    and honor and glory and praise!”

    2. Jesus has already died and paid the price for our sins – do you believe, truly? If so, why are you fearful?

    3. God the Son, the eternal word became flesh and dwelt among us in order to share in our life in all things except sin. Have you given your life to Christ and invite Him to walk alongside you?

    4. Every issue in life has a solution, but sometimes the answer is not we want.

    5. Our hope is in the Lord and in no other.

    Recently I heard a sermon and it was beautiful in that the Priest reminded us that our hope is in Christ he talked about praying and I felt that sometimes when we pray we can use different words. We can learn so much from the Scriptures – what did Martha and Mary say to the Lord when their brother Lazurus was sick? “Lord, the one that you love is sick.” Take those words and apply them to your own prayers – Lord the one that you love is fearful, Lord the one that you love is worried, unemployed, hurt by the words of someone they love…” We can use these words as we pray and the needs in our life and the needs of others.

Our journey in life should be joyous and fulfilling. It should be rich with the knowledge that we are not going it alone. Who do you have in your life? Even though I can not see you I know that you are listening and I have so many of you in my life, I pray for you and you pray for me. It is a journey we are talking together. This journey of life is not lonely if we have the Lord. It is full of richness and love, a love that flows our of us and can’t help but spill onto others.

I pray that your journey begins to improve that those uphill battles begin to even out, that those dips in the road become filled with the sweetness and joy that comes from knowing that God has not forsaken you, and He is right there alongside you – only if you have asked Him to come into your heart and onto the road of life.

Let’s pray:
Dear God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – thank you for filling me with joy as I teach today’s session and I ask that you allow this joy to filter through the airwaves to those who are listening. Give them a sense of you alongside them on this journey of life, allow them to see your hand in their lives and be thankful. Dear Lord help us and come with us as we continue on toward the journey of life and our faith journey. Allow it to become deeper and deeper with more of you and less of us. I pray for the following intentions: And, I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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