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We pride ourselves with be independent and able to handle life on our own. But for Christians, we soon realize...Godly Dependence and Choice ~ Episode 207

We pride ourselves with be independent and able to handle life on our own. But for Christians, we realize that Godly dependence is the most important thing in our lives. How can we depend on God and allow ourselves to grow in faith? Listen in to find out.

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We are independent self-sufficient people. We enjoy the ability to pick and choose where we live, shop, and what we do with our time and resources. Being independent sometimes holds us back when it comes to faith. In fact, we look for God only when we need Him, placing him on the proverbial shelf when we don’t. If you told someone you were dependent on God you might receive a strange look, or criticism that God made you, so stand up for yourself. Dependence is not a cross, it is a necessity.

We should be dependent on God, we should make choices that focus on not only what is best for us physically but what is best for us spiritually. Making good choices starts with a good foundation, and it does not happen overnight. Once God was removed from the public schools and education took a turn for the worse, it also robbed our children of the foundation that is so important to the well-being of a civilization. When man looks upon itself for salvation, then the civilization devolves, dissolved, and becomes no more.

We can look to the scriptures as an example of the power and might of God. Just like the burning bush that burned in an extraordinary way, it was not consumed, yet the flames were real. We read this account in Exodus 3:18

Even Moses Had Godly Dependence

The bush was sustained by the power of God and in this passage, God revealed His name. I AM. I am who exists in everything, God was showing His power and might with the promise of saving the people who were crying out to Him. God heard their prayers. Moses had Godly dependence. Moses was fearful of God but in this fear, there was something greater. There was reverence. There was obedience. There was a Godly dependence and a choice to believe and follow the one true God. This power and might overwhelmed Moses and humbled him.

When was the last time that the power, the might, and the overwhelming significance of what Almighty God has done for us has put us in a place where we fear but we revere God? I think fear comes from a place of guilt when we think we should do something for God. Have you felt that way? Look, God, I’m going to church. Look, God, I’m praying to You. What we do when we go to church or pray is not for God, it is for us. Think about this.

Fear in the case of Moses meant awe and reverence. Fear is of the Lord and is a gift of the Holy Spirit, which translates into awe. Moses becomes the face of God to the Israelites and was able to lead them, they respected him because they saw his face and it was radiant. Later they would learn to depend on God for their food and as we know they grumbled and complained and still worshipped false idols even after being given the 10-Commandments. We can learn from the scriptures to hold ourselves to a higher standard and to learn from the mistakes of others.

Do you fear the Lord? What does it mean to us? We are in danger when we do not hold God in awe and when we lose that fear of God, the fear of retribution. God is not vindictive but He is just. He will not be mocked. The danger we have as sinners is when we repeat the sin and lose that fear of God and in doing so we put our souls in danger. Sinning is a choice, it is a willful act.

We are dependent on God for the air that we breathe, for holding our earth at the perfect distance from the sun, not too close and not too far, and for keeping us alive each and every day. We are dependent on God for our daily bread, for the roof over our head, for the transportation we take, and for the blessings, He has given us small and large. We are dependent and if we try to go through life independent from God we will find ourselves in dire straits fighting depression and worse.

Ask God every day to give us the fear that leads to awe and to reverence for Him. The great I Am. Are we standing on Holy Ground? Do we treat our church as a sanctuary, a place of prayer, or are we looking around to see how people are dressed and if we know anyone nearby and visit, instead of focussing on Him. Jesus asked the apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Could you not stay with me an hour?” Many church services are just an hour, can we not give Him that time?

I believe as a Catholic that while I am in church God is present (yes, God is everywhere and present always), but in a sense when I am in church and I have time in the quiet, I can sense the Almighty in a deeper way. We must pray for more of God and less of us, we need more reverence which is lacking in us as a Christian people. Friends that is the challenge for the week. Can you seek God in the quiet of your heart? Can you ask the Lord to give you more of Him? Can you ask the Lord for an increase of reverence and respect for the three persons of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? We can’t change the entire world, but we can change ourselves and it is a choice. It starts with one person, will you join me on this journey?

I pray a blessing on you and your family today and always.


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