God’s Love is Sufficient

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Uncertainty surrounds our lives yet with God we know that His love is sufficient for all of our needs. In this podcast, learn how you can live a life that is free from worry, stress, and anger.God’s Love Is Sufficient – Episode 182

Uncertainty surrounds our lives yet with God we know that His love is sufficient for all of our needs. In this podcast, learn how you can live a life that is free from worry, stress, and anger.

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If you know your scriptures you are probably thinking – why is she talking about God’s love being sufficient when the scriptures say, my grace is sufficient: Read: 2 Corinthians 12:9

God’s grace is his love and his forgiveness – it is empowerment by the Holy Spirit that makes us strong in, as the scriptures say our time of weakness. Seriously God’s grace and love is sufficient? Really? When are we weak? When are we scared? When we have infirmities – illnesses?

God’s Love IS Sufficient

No one thinks their life is ideal. But if I asked you to take some time to design your ideal life what would be included? Would it be a house on the beach, listening to the waves crashing on the seashore? Or would it be a mountain retreat? What about an unlimited bank fund or maybe good health and happiness in your family? Each of our lists would be very, very long. But for most one of the missing elements is a relationship with God. Our ideal life surrounds our health and welfare, our temporal or temporary needs. We are often more interested in taking care of today, the right now rather than the forever.

We hold on tight to the things that don’t matter in the end.

An ideal life is free from worry, stress, anger, and heartache, to be free from illness … and the only way for this to happen is to have confidence in Almighty God. A stress-free – worry-free life is almost unimaginable. In fact, it is a difficult concept to grasp. Yet God’s love is all we need to live a life that is fulfilling.

This may be again, easier said than done. God is the God of Creation – He is after all the Creator God. Before original sin our lives would have been more astounding than our greatest dreams. One of the things that our first parents shared with the Creator was the gift of communication with Him. Communication is a form of relationship – communion is beyond speech, it is beyond what we can explain with words. This is what was recovered by the life – the example Christ gave to us, His death for redemption and the resurrection. The miracle. God is the only one who can restore us. This communion with God takes us to a level where we can let go of the things of this world. As a Catholic, I believe Holy Communion is the key because it is healing.

Recently we had a medical scare concerning my husband. We thought he might need surgery on his back – the neck region… and we know how back surgery can be – it can be great or the worse nightmares can happen. Well after months and months of tests, MRI, more scans, and even some he still has to go to later this month, we are at peace. The neuro-surgeon basically said my husband had a major issue but that his body had repaired itself, and the vertebrae he would have had to fuse in surgery was already done for him! What a miracle! What a gift from God.

It also turned out – which shows God’s sense of humor, that the surgeon and I chatted about his hometown which is also my hometown (I’m one of these people who read a doctor’s bio on their website), and it turns out he knew me, and I was his teacher in the 4th grade when I was a college student and student-teaching in his classroom. Of course, I was blown away, and we laughed about the chances of meeting up again.

God is amazing and in this life, we can either praise God for all things – those we are scared and uncertain about and those things that are truly happy and amazing blessings in our life. God cares in everything we do even if we think that only bad things happen.

We are called to love God and realize that His grace and His love are all we need, but without a relationship, we cannot love someone we do not know. How do we know someone? We communicate with each other. Some may feel speaking to God is a one-way street. We talk, He listens. We hear nothing back. This takes practice and it takes the Holy Spirit. Have you availed yourself to the Holy Spirit? I attended what is called a Life in the Spirit Seminar in the 1990s and this changed my life. Here I learned that God not only wanted a personal relationship with me but that He wanted to pour His Spirit into my life in a way that I could experience, more fully what it means to be a Christian. People talk about finding faith and the honeymoon period. That is a period when they can’t get enough of reading the Bible or spending time in prayer or just meditating on the goodness of the Lord. They are so excited to share their faith and everything that God has done in their life with anyone – and I mean anyone who will listen.

The Holy Spirit allows Scriptures to become alive. When we read about Jesus healing the Lepers we think about this in terms of being there on the side roads and watching this take place. We feel the elation of those healed and we want to shout from the rooftops – God is a God of miracles. Everything else pales by comparison. We also realize that the things of this world are fleeting.

Sure we need money to live, to buy food, to pay for our bills – but that is not enough for most. Everyone has big dreams that include bigger homes, cars, and vacations, and a bigger, deeper relationship with the Lord is not necessarily high up on the list.

No wonder we are depressed, defeated, and feeling like no one cares or listens to what we have to say.  So what can we do? Put aside all of our world aspirations – of course not, but maybe intersperse them with other goals and focuses.

First, when you read Scripture always pray to the Holy Spirit for the gift of knowledge, and ask that the Lord allows you to see the parts that really speak to you. Our lives have a way of refining all of the impurities and all of the things we need to release, but our strength is in that grace from God and that Knowledge that God’s love is all we need.

Let’s Pray – Dear Lord we thank you for all of the miracles in our lives for those things we see and for all of those things that are unseen. I praise you for the grace you give us and that is indeed sufficient and I thank you for the love you give for that is sufficient as well. I ask you Lord to bless those I pray for now and provide for all of their needs.. and I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.




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