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Greatness of God | The greatness of God is all around us and we see it in the miracles of life.| #Christianpodcast #podcast #miraclesofGod #greatnessofGodGreatness of God ~ Episode 230

The greatness of God is all around us and we see it in the miracles of life.

God’s greatness is nothing we would dispute and a loving God grants favor to us. But what happens when we are overwhelmed or inundated with the holiday sales (yes, Cyber Monday and every day until Christmas is upon us!) How can we be disciples of the One True God and remain faithful in the glitz of the season? By pondering the Greatness of God and His love for us as we approach Christmas. I pray that the Lord is with you and you are filled with the love and peace of Christ.

Little children get it right when it comes to simple faith more times than not. Do you remember that early song you learned or maybe taught your children, “My God is so great, so big and so mighty there is nothing my God can not do?” If you have never heard this song I put a link in the show notes for this episode. (Here)  This last stanza of the song goes like this, “My God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do, for you!”

This hits home for many young children and along with the catchy tune it sticks in their heads and hearts. It is at times like the holidays that we see the true meaning and share it without family and friends. It is a time to share what we have whether it is little or big (and my favorite gifts are the ones that money can not buy).

We see the greatness of God in big things – the awesomeness of nature or perhaps in works of charity but these tend to be things that we enjoy or we do for ourselves. The greatness of God is in giving of self. That is what God did for us – not only the world He created for us to enjoy but also in giving us our lives. Think about this for a minute. What was in it for Him?

We learn that God created because of love and love by its very nature creates. A simple sentence that packs a punch. Let me say it again. (repeated on air)

For me, love is the essence of the greatness of God. Make a list of what you believe is the essence and greatness of God. I so wish you could share your list then Isaiah 40.

Titus 2: 11 – 15 states – (read on air).

Isaiah 40:12-31 Read on your own, read on air: Isaiah 40:21-23 and Isaiah

Do we, even today with the Bible in virtually every translation a finger click away understand the ramifications and essence of the greatness of God? He is greater than anything we can even imagine. We’ve been told to imagine heaven, and whatever you come up with it is so much better than we can comprehend. I shared in past podcasts something my pastor says, “God I love you as you know yourself to be.” Unpack that! In other words, we can not comprehend the greatness of God which does not mean we should not try to understand so that we can better worship.

Isaiah goes on in verses 25-26 (Read on air.)

We are reminded that God has called us by name. Not only did he create the heavens and the earth the Almighty cared enough to create you and me. You are not an accident. Your life is not for nothing. Your hurts and your worries are not trivial. The Almighty Lord has heard your prayers and your cries. Because … “he is great in strength and mighty in power.”

Then Isaiah does on in verses 29-31 -(Read on air.)

The Lord will never weary even though we do, the Lord does not need to replenish because from Him all things originate. The greatness of God can be comprehended in this way, he is always there for us. He cares, He loves and He is the Almighty. We may think God is not approachable, my husband use to say that praying is bothering God. This is not true. We look up to the heavens but He is here, beside us always. Even when we don’t feel him, even when we feel let down, even when we feel we can not go on. God created and God cares for you and for me.

During this season in your life look at the greatness of God with joy and while trying to comprehend His vastness is not a prerequisite for salvation it does help us put our problems and our life in perspective. We are important yet many of the things we want and crave our not important in the grand scheme of things. Does this mean we don’t live our lives? No, of course, we do – but we live our lives with an eye to heaven and joy in our hearts.

The challenge this week is to look at the greatness of God and place your wants and needs before the Lord and discern what is important in your life. May God be blessed and rejoice today and always!

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