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How To Pray | When I think about how to pray sometimes I am at a loss. So, how can I dedicate an entire podcast to this topic? Well, it is a challenge. And the key is the following words, God's will be done... | #christianpodcast #podcast #Christian #prayer #prayingHow To Pray ~ Episode 156

Have you thought about how to pray? When I think about how to pray sometimes I am at a loss. So, how can I dedicate an entire podcast to this topic? Well, it is a challenge. And the key is the following words, God’s will be done…

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How to Pray:

Is there a formula? Is there a quick way to have a hotline to the Almighty? I’m sure if you do a search online you will see the correct way, the wrong way, and everything in between. For me, prayer is a conversation with the One True God. The God that cares about everything I do and cares about the number of hairs on my head (Matthew 10:30) or has us in the palm of His Hands:

“See, I have inscribed you on the palmof my hands; your walls are continually before me.”

I think struggling with prayer happens when we are in the midst of a tragedy or are fearful and feel a situation is hopeless. Nothing is easy, so why should pray?  In addition, we think that if we pray and the prayers are not answered we will struggle with our faith. So, again why pray? Then there is the prosperity gospel which is a spin on Christianity as it focuses on our beliefs. If we believe (and that depends on the strength of our belief),  we will get the outcome we deserve in prayer. God will only answer us if we pray hard and believe harder. Right? That simple philosophy of prayer has led more people out of the church and away from their faith than any other. I’ve talked to people who have turned their back son Christianity because their belief did not pan out in answered prayers, so in essence, God has let them down.

Let’s think about this… we worship the Almighty God of the universe in Exodus 3:14 we read: “God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” He said further, “Thus you shall say to the Israelites, ‘I am has sent me to you.’”

Do we really think we have power over God? Of course not!  As humans, we are given the dignity that only a Creator God who loves us gives – God has given us hope that the future we see on this earth is not all there is. Faith is not a coping mechanism. It is also not a “get out of hell card.” Some think that if we pray we don’t have to worry about eternal damnation. Prayer is so important but also living a life that is right and just. In other words, walking the walk instead of talking.

Yes, we can pray a salvation prayer. Or, if you are a Catholic participate in the sacraments, but once again it is more. There are many forms of prayer for a pentecostal or charismatic there is praying in tongues, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, there is praying extemporaneously, from the heart and in prayers such as the Lord’s prayer. There is singing with I’ve been told is like praying twice. Christian prayer is as diverse as the people praying.

Prayer, like faith, is a choice–a decision that you embrace wholeheartedly, or is it another step in the list of things you should do. Complacency in our faith is a tool of the evil one.

Prayer does not necessarily save us, only Christ can. But, prayer does save us from ourselves. When we pray we are in a state of humility realizing that we are not in charge, and we are in a position of asking the Lord that His will be done for us, and the hope and prayer that we accept His will.

We realize with faith that we are not in charge, we can not manipulate our world or “make our own luck,” as I’ve heard countless people say. Yes, we can choose to be happy, chose to follow God, and select a greater good in this life, but that is a choice. Luck is chance. Faith is not.

Some people think that when prayer is answered, it is pure luck. No! Absolutely not. Answered prayer is Divine intervention of God’s will. I’ve shared this in previous podcasts that sometimes when we pray it is no, not now or yes, but as I contemplate prayer it is really more. God in His infinite wisdom and goodness knows what is best for us so His answer is always His will.

In the Scriptures, Jesus taught us how to pray in what is famously known as the Lord’s Prayer. This is the key to praying and it is simply praying in the Father’s will. I know I recite the Lord’s prayer daily, but like some of you, I have become complacent and say it without thinking.

You should read the entire book of Matthew, but here in chapter six is where we find the Lord admonishes us to pray, not as those who give alms and want everyone to see their good works, but as someone who is humble and realizes our lives are in the care of One who really loves us and not only created the world in which we live but had a hand in creating each one of us, we are the handiwork of God.

Concerning Prayer Matthew: 6:5-14

Please pray the Lord’s prayer, ponder the words and place then in your heart. The keys for me might be different than for you, but the main points are to pray God’s will be done, to pray to forgive others and to ask that the Lord forgives us as we forgive others. God wants us to have peace not turmoil in our lives and it calls to mind

Faith is a gift from our Father. Matthew 16: Peter said, “You are the Christ the Son of God.” For those of us who are believers then our focus as we pray is that the Name of the Almighty the great I AM should have greater significance and be front and center in our lives. Thy will be done–now and forever! Lord give me the words to pray…

Let’s Pray:

Dear Father, thank you for the gift of faith, I believe you are the great I AM and I ask that you continue to increase my faith, and I pledge to follow you in all things, the things that matter, the focus on what is right and good. I stand for life, Lord — all lives from conception to death. I stand for all the is holy and righteous. Thank you, Lord, for all the ways you have answered my prayer, and I pray your will be done. I pray for the following needs and intentions…. and Lord, if your will be done, grant these prayers and petitions in Jesus’ Name. Amen.



  1. Amen! Kneeling in agreement with you.

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