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Hunger for God | Where can you satisfy your hunger, that is, hunger for God? There is only one place, and that is in Him. In this podcast, we will discuss ways to combat that emptiness that we feel from time to time | #christianpodcast #catholicpodcast #Godandmercy #mercifulGod #HungerforGodHunger for God ~ Episode 273

Where can you satisfy your hunger, that is, hunger for God? There is only one place, and that is in Him. In this podcast, we will discuss ways to combat that emptiness that we feel from time to time.

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There is a saying that people look for love in all the wrong places; the same can be said about looking for fulfillment that we can only find in God.

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Hunger For God

Ultimately, when we struggle, we must find fulfillment because of a need. We can only find satisfaction in God. That hunger that we have, that restlessness, that unquenchable thirst is because something is missing. As a Catholic, I memorized the questions and answers in the Baltimore Catechism as a kid. The first question was, “Who made the world.” The answer was, “God made the world.” It went on to establish that God was the creator of heaven, earth, and all things and that man was a creature composed of body and soul made in the image of the likeness of God. But the fourth question asked, “Why did God make you? The answer is God made me to know, love, and serve him.

We find we are unfulfilled when we know, love, and serve the wrong things.

A hunger for God is the desire for what is good and holy. It is not in the New Age sense or the false gods. Just like food is nourishing for the soul, God is nourishing for the spirit, and the heart cannot be quenched with the things of this world.

We read in Jeremiah two verses 11 through 13 (Read on air)

In the imagery of these verses, we see the warning of God, and this morning is that God has pointed out that the people of Israel have turned their backs on the one true God, and when they do that, they will find spiritual hunger.

Psalm 81:10 states I am the Lord, your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt; open your mouth wide, and I will fill it

Furthermore, we read in Matthew 5:6 (read on air) and John 6:33-35 (read on air).

And that is the only way, my friends, that we can fulfill our hunger for God unless we totally rely on him, unless we totally ask him for forgiveness, unless we pray “your will” be done in my life, God, we will always be hungry and will remain and satisfied.

Recently, I have changed my prayer petitions. Instead of praying specifically for something I’ve asked for repeatedly, I’ve been praying, “Your will be done, God.” In this way, I am releasing my prayers to him and the stress and anxiety accompanying it. That doesn’t mean I expect God to answer my prayer the way I had initially asked it, although that would be nice, but I can rest assured that whatever happens, it is within God’s will.

In a world where we can’t trust the things we see because how do we know if it hasn’t been manipulated or photoshopped or some other wonders of photography haven’t misled us, we can’t seem to trust words because many times those are skewed to fit a specific agenda, we can’t rely on or trust the government entities and many times we can’t even rely or trust on those. We love those who have hurt us.

But we can trust in God. We can trust in his perfection. Trusting when we are hungry for that spiritual infilling, we can rely upon God if we find ourselves struggling or empty or depressed or lonely. If this happens to you, think about why and analyze what you have put your faith into. What is not filling you up? What is not satisfying your would?

If we are not filling up on the Word of God, if we are not filling up on prayer, if we are not filling up on good videos or books, we may find hopelessness and despair. This creeps in, the enemy is just waiting to prey upon us in our time of weakness.

The hunger for God is a hunger, for the good things. It encourages us to fill up with grace and allows us the tools against the evil one.

John 4:13-14 (Read on air) The hunger for God can only be fulfilled as Jesus says, and in John 6:35 He reminds us of this again.

Dear friends, I challenge you to look at your lives to see ways to regain that joy, regain that hope, and be fulfilled. Do not go hungry another day. Look to the Lord for your needs, and share the good news with others.

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