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Identity In Christ | Is your identity in Christ? Do we allow other people to take away our peace and to become dismayed or despondent? What about all that is happening in our world? | #podcast #christianpodcast #Christ #Christian #I love Jesus #faith #christianfaithAuthority & Identity in Christ – Episode 147

Is your identity in Christ? Do we allow other people to take away our peace and to become dismayed or despondent? What about all that is happening in our world? In this episode, we will discuss our identity as Christians needs to be rooted very firmly in Christ for us to have a life that is meaningful and with purpose.

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I was dismayed recently to hear of an incident where a child was being bullied by a supposed Christian friend. I say supposed because I do not know, nor claim to know the heart of this child. But, I do know the child that was hurt is one who loves deeply, who sees the good in other people, who gives people the benefit of the doubt. This child was hurt by the cruelty of words the words that cut and slash and take away all that she believed about herself. How does this happen? How can the words of another hurt us to the point that we question everything?

Those we love are given the power by virtue of our trust to hurt us – we are handing them our hearts. Now, in the case of friendship it is not our love, but our friendship and our ability to enjoy the other person’s company. We in essence trust them not to hurt us physically or psychologically. I’m not a psychologist but it doesn’t take one to know that those who lash out are often those who are hurting themselves. There is a reason, perhaps deep down that they are crying out for help – but instead of showing vulnerability they come off as being harsh or judgmental.

In a conversation, I shared with these children about the beatitudes which they were aware of – and we went over a few of them. I also explained that our identity, our self-esteem, our self-worth can only come from Christ. It should not have been a surprise, but it was to see that today, when I attended church, the Gospel readings for the day (June 8) were on the Beatitudes. It was as if the Lord was saying, yes–you got this right. It is only in me that your identity lies.

Matthew 5:1-12 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

Chapter 5

The Sermon on the Mount. (Read on air.)

The true solution only rests in Christ and His love. But how do we move this from our heads to our hearts? We want to be loved and cherished not only by those in our families but also by those who we call friends. How do we, who yearn for true happiness, find it if we constantly allow others to rob us of our peace?

Happiness? What is this and why do we allow others to steal this away from us? The keyword in the teachings of Christ is the proclamation of joy, and where do we find this? In the Beatitudes – Blessed are they… people are made for happiness and we “thirst” for righteousness sake – of happiness. Christ has the answer to our desires, but He asks us to TRUST Him. True joy can’t ever be attained without God – we can’t have it without understanding pain, strife, and all that happens in our life that is not easy. Living a Christian life is not easy. The Beatitudes are the roadsign that shows us this journey (this comes from a speech from St. John Paul II at World Youth Day). Jesus didn’t just proclaim the Beatitudes – he didn’t just give us a roadmap or point to the “way” with this sign. No, Jesus lived the beatitudes.

Romans 12: Chapter 12 (Read on air.)

Sacrifice of Body and Mind.  

This conversion must take place within our minds – the transformation in our minds often leads to peace in our hearts. How can we not be conformed to this world? We live in this world! Yet, while we live in this world we do not need to be transformed by this world – and the only way to do this… are you ready for this profound idea? Spend a few minutes with God – more than that spend time with God in quiet. Can you do it? In our loud world with all the noise that bombards us external and internal, it becomes more and more difficult.

Identity in Christ a Bridge To God

Christ is the symbol of peace between man and God and between man and man.  Christ has destroyed any obstacle to peace. He is known as the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Mighty God and Prince of Peace. In reverse, the prince of darkness keeps us in bondage and allows us to remember over and over and over again as if the record is stuck every mistake we’ve made or every hurt that has been uttered by someone we care about. Christian peace comes from the cross – from the death and resurrection, the struggle in ourselves. Can we follow, can we truly be an instrument of God’s peace? Our own hearts must be conformed to Christ.

St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta showed what it is like to be a peacemaker. She showed this in a country where those who were poor were considered less than human. We know, by her faith that Mother’s identity in Christ was firm. Mother Theresa said: The fruit of silence is prayer – the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, and the fruit of service is peace. I pray the peace and joy that surpasses all understanding comes to you, friends, and this is my prayer for you!

Let’s Pray:

Dear Lord Jesus, Give us the time, expand our time so that we can truly spend time and silence with you – we want to hear your voice, we want to experience a taste of heaven on earth, and we want to believe – for we know it in our heads, but need it in our hearts, that your love can and will sustain us. We ask my God for a blessing on all of those who have hurt us, we ask that you, who are love will bless them and show them your love for them and love can blot out any hurt. Dear Lord, I ask that you shower me with your grace to realize that my identity as a person is only in you and that you help me, Lord, to become the person you have made me to be! I ask for the prayers I now ask – and those in my heart …. please Lord, help those I pray for, and I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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