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Dr. Sue Ellen NolanIntroducing Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan and the Authentic Faith and Life Podcast!

From a small town village in northern Michigan’s Upper Peninsula into Northern Ontario and down to South Florida, God has had a plan for my life and a unique journey He meant for me.  Just as He has for you! His enduring love was the one constant thing-I felt it in the love of my wonderful mother and being in my large family; and with my first born child while he was in the womb. And came together in the basement of a church hearing the Scripture “God is Love”!

God always has a plan in mind for us and often answers our prayers even before we speak them out loud, just as He answered Adam, in his solitude, by giving him Eve! God showed up often in my life the more I opened up to Him. He began to draw me into an undeniable relationship with Him. Then He began to equip me for the mission He had in mind for me. God works like this for all of us! We just have to turn toward Him. He cannot resist us. He loves us so much and will show up in undeniable ways!


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  1. James Hix says

    Well said!!! Same for my life!! How He rolls!

  2. Esperanza Liszewski says

    Amen and amen. Lots of blessings each moment in your life. When we fail in trusting the Lord we are telling Him, I don’t trust in You, sooo, let go, surrender with the prayer JESUS I TRUS IN YOUUUUU. You will never go wrong. Congrats and its of blessings

  3. I loved this. ❤

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