Jesus and His Mother

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Jesus and His Mother | Have you considered Jesus's relationship with His Mother, Mary? By examining this aspect of Sacred Scripture, we can grow in our love for our Lord | #podcast #Christianpodcast #CatholicPodcast #newdayinChrist #Christ #JesusandHisMotherJesus and His Mother ~ Episode 296

Have you considered Jesus’s relationship with His Mother, Mary? By examining this aspect of Sacred Scripture, we can grow in our love for our Lord.

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A Son’s Love For His Mother:

Many of you listening have children or extended families. We know of the bond between mother and child and mother and son. We mothers have the ability to love without limit, and it grows with each child. Sometimes we wonder if we will have enough love, but then, our love expands. In our human condition, we have the ability to love, but can you imagine the love of the Son, Jesus Christ, for His Mother? Yet, we know Jesus and his mother spent time together; she raised him after all; she cooked, bathed, and took care of him. If we love our own parents, how much more did the Lord love his Mother?

Why would Jesus love his mother other than the obvious? When we read scripture, we can see the great sacrifice she went through and how his love must have expanded. Yes, I am using words we understand to describe a Divine occurrence, but we can, by our human reason (because faith requires reason), see between the lines because nowhere in Scripture does our Lord say, “I love you, Mother.”

Yet, by His Divine Nature, Jesus was obedient. His obedience was perfect. He was obedient unto death, death on a cross. Phil. 2:7-8 (Read on air.)

Sometimes, we forget that Jesus took his humanity in the womb of the Virgin Mary. He respected His mother and was always obedient. When he went to Temple at age 12 they were amazed at his wisdom and the questions he answered. He stayed with his parents until he was 30 years old always obeying. Mary was the one who caused him to start His ministry.

We can read the entire verse in John 2:1-12 — Please read and meditate on these verses; they say so much to me, and I get filled with awe every time I read and think about them.

This is the account of the wedding feast of Cana; they ran out of wine, and Mary offered her son’s services, basically to perform a miracle. Jesus said to her in John 2:4 – And Jesus said to her, “Woman, what concern is that to you and to me? My hour has not yet come.”

When Jesus refers to his mother as a “woman” here, some people think it is a sign of disrespect. Can you imagine referring to your own mother as a woman? It might not go over too well. However, this was in fulfillment of Scripture. (remember, Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament!) But, this reference in particular is in regard to Genesis 3:15. Adam and Eve had sinned; Adam blamed Eve, “the woman you gave me,” and Eve blamed the serpent, “The serpent tricked me.” So, God, who is righteous and all good, not only cast them out of the Garden but said in Genesis 3:15 (Read on air).

The woman and Eve and the man, Adam, were the Old Testament symbols of disobedience. In the New Testament, the new Adam is Christ, and the new Eve (the obedient woman is Mary). The point Jesus made here to all those scripture scholars was clear. He was a fulfillment of the role of Savior, and His first public miracle was turning water into wine. But, not just any wine, the best they had tasted. John 2:4-6 (Read on air).

Mary always points to Jesus and says, “Do what He tells you.” John 2:11—(Read on air).

In other places in scripture, it says, “his hour had not yet come,” and he was able to escape or was not arrested, but at the request of His Mother, he was obedient. John 2:12 (Read on air.)

The hidden years, the years before the first miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana, are called the hidden years. They are hidden from us because the scriptures do not reveal what went on in Jesus’s life in the home of Mary and Joseph. All we know is that Jesus was an obedient son and that he loved his parents. He loved Joseph, but Joseph was his stepfather. But Mary? Mary was his biological mother; she gave him life by her fiat, her yes.

Their relationship was special. Mary could count on her Son, and she knew in her heart that he was destined to do the Father’s will. He must have performed miracles at home because why else would she ask him to perform His first, publically? Can you imagine the joy of having such a Divine Son, yet with that joy comes crushing hardship and sorrow? Next week we will mediate on the road less traveled, the Stations of the Cross.

Before we end, I want you to know that the Lord, by His life, His death, and His Resurrection, gave us an example of a virtuous life. Join me as we pray. Today Lord, I want to share my love for you and my joy that You are My Savior. I ask, Lord, that you open my heart to be more virtuous and strive for those things that lift me up. I love you, and I thank you for the gift of my life. I ask for Your love and protection, now and forever. Amen.


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