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Jesus For All People ~ Episode 145

Jesus for all people, not some people not just for you and for me – but for all the people in the world who are open to hearing His voice. In this episode, we will explore that if we really want the true peace and joy that surpasses all understanding – we need Jesus, now more than ever.

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Did you know that Jesus came for all people? The message of Christianity is not some but many in the scriptures we read about the foolish people of that age – I am sure you agree that people have not changed for the better – but foolishness is so prevalent by what we hear and see. Jeremiah 5: 20-23

Friends, there is a not-so-secret agenda in our world today to divide people.  I’m not talking about race here – I am talking about Christian vs. non-Christian. If you are a Christian who loves God and believes that God, Jesus is for ALL people there is no hatred and harm. There is only love. People – we do not know the Bible! If you read the New Testament you will see over and over again that Jesus went to the poor, the oppressed, those who hungered not only for righteousness but for truth. So, what has happened in our current day? There are those who are evil – and think they are better than everyone else. Those evil people harm and kill and because of the evil works of a few we are all punished – not only that but other evil people aid and assist those who want to destroy.

We need to keep our eyes open and be ready because with the closing of our churches – something I have not outwardly spoken about up until now – and yes, we have reopened – at least here in Florida, we have allowed our rights to be trampled on. Did I get closer to God in the times I could not attend church? Yes, and I feel that is a blessing from above, but to be ordered by our government to shut down and for those in the hierarchy of the church to listen. Wow. I get it people were sacred – and rightly so, but we have the right to worship and no one can take that right away from us … but they did.

So what do we do? We don’t protest we listen and follow along. What else is coming, friends? I have no answers but I do know that we must get back to our roots – Jesus is the answer – Jesus is the reason we worship – Jesus is color blind – Jesus loves all – does he care how much money you make, or the type of car you drive or what neighborhood you live in?

Jesus cares about you – He cares about me – He cares about the people in nursing homes my own father-in-law with dementia that I cannot go and visit because the facilities are still shut down. I am praying and visualizing that Jesus is beside his bed and He is there to comfort Him. I know Jesus cares about Him and Jesus hears our prayers! If we want peace in our world people let’s look within.

Are you ready to do a self-analysis? Here is your homework for the week – are you ready?

  1. Where is your mind? When you wake up each morning what are you thinking?
  2. Do you pray daily?
  3. Do you read Scripture daily?
  4. Do you ask God to take your day and time for HIS glory?
  5. Do you praise God daily? In words or in singing?

How did you do? To be honest there are some questions – which just came to me as I was doing this episode and were not planned – that I did not do so great on… which means, friends we only have one way to go and that is UP – we can pray and we can improve. We also need to pray for the state of our world and for those who do not know the Lord. If everyone loved Jesus as I am sure you do this world would be a better place.

One last thing – will you share this episode with a friend? I believe we need more of Jesus in our world and I’m doing my tiny, small part along with your help to spread the good news. Jesus is for all people, not just us!

Let’s pray.

Dear Heavenly Father – you sent your one and only Son into the world for our sake – you sent the Lord and Savior of the world not just for me – but for all people. My Lord, please enter the hearts of those who are hurting, open the eyes, and the ears that are closed to hearing the truth and the love that you have available and offer to them freely. Please help us, Lord, to come to you in humility but with the knowledge that while You know all things and see our sins, you will also see our repentant hearts. Dear Jesus, please listen to our prayers as we pray for the following needs…    thank-you Lord for taking away the spirit of fear and instead of giving us a spirit of joy that surpasses all understanding and we pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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