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Joseph Model For Fathers | Recently my family read about St. Joseph model for families and my life will never be the same. In this episode, we will discuss how the saints that lived before us are powerful examples... | #podcast #christianpodcast #modelforfathers #fathersday Joseph Model For Fathers Episode 146

Recently my family read about St. Joseph model for fathers and my life will never be the same. In this episode, we will discuss how the saints that lived before us are powerful examples of what it means to live our Christian faith.

Today we are going to talk about a great Biblical figure that we hear very little about in the Scriptures. In fact, we can find verses on Ruth, David, Abraham, and Isaac and the other Joseph – the one who was sold by his brothers into slavery – but Mary and Joseph… we hear very little. And, why is that? Truthfully, I’m not a Biblical scholar so I don’t know – but what I do know as a passionate Christian that when we look at the Holy Family – Jesus, Mary, and Joseph we see a blueprint of what Christian life and true fatherhood should look like.

What do we know about Joseph?

  1. He was a man of faith.
  2. He was handpicked by God Almighty as the best – do you think the creator of the Universe would pick any man? Joseph was elevated to this status by his Yes.
  3. He had the most important job of a lifetime! The care of the Savior of the world before he was born, by taking care of the mother – Mary, and then after birth from infancy until he died. Joseph heard from God – first in a dream when he was told not to divorce Mary – and then later when he was asked to take Mary and the newborn, Jesus to Egypt for safety. Can you imagine a more important job as a Father? Joseph was the greatest father in the world. He protected and cared for Jesus and Mary. The scriptures called St. Joseph the father of Jesus – Luke 2:33, 48

I always thought of Joseph as old – but, he couldn’t have been that old, because he had to travel far – and if he was old, he couldn’t have done it! The distance from Nazareth to Bethlehem (where the census took place) was 80 miles! That was a huge distance and then they had to go to Egypt to escape Herod, and then, back to Nazareth where they lived and Jesus grew up.

Joseph as head of the family took Jesus and Mary to dedicate his child in the temple. We know the family was poor – how do we know this? Through the sacrifice they brought – it was a sacrifice of the poor, a gift of the poor, two turtledoves, and after Simeon spoke – Simeon who was an old man was in the temple waiting for the Messiah – we are told Simeon was guided by the Spirit and prophesied over the infant… Luke2: 28-32

Can you imagine what Joseph and Mary thought? Here Joseph was in charge of taking care of this family that God Almighty had entrusted to him – and he was hearing this dire prophesy – of the future for his wife and son. I’m sure he thought about this often.

I’m sure Joseph had to be strong, and I am sure that he thought, “What can I possibly teach the son of God?”  Joseph as head of the household was in charge of the most precious of all children, he taught him alongside Mary. Can you imagine Jesus as a young boy calling out to Joseph? I doubt he said – foster-father or step-father – no, He would have called Joseph Father or even Daddy.

Jesus grew up as the commandments taught – to honor His father and mother. I always wondered about the private life of Jesus, all those years that we don’t know about – we get a glimpse of his life when he was about a young boy – but other than this we know nothing. It was as if Jesus was given this time with his family, to be a family. Jesus learned a trade, he had friends, how could he not! I’m sure he was loved by all who met Him.

We hear a tiny bit about Jesus as a boy. This was the only incident that we know about where he caused Joseph and Mary anxiety

Then, after losing Jesus for three days on their way back from the temple, after Passover, Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple. He was talking to the teachers in the temple – we read in – Luke 2:28 – “When his parents[i] saw him they were astonished; and his mother said to him, “Child, why have you treated us like this? Look, your father and I have been searching for you in great anxiety.”

Of course, Jesus goes on to tell them – why should they be surprised to find him in the Temple as it was His father’s house!

If Father’s today would look a St. Joseph as a symbol of all that summarizes true Fatherhood we would be so blessed as a society today. The Holy family did not have money or status – but they had what all families crave and that is love – the love of a Father and a Mother.

In fact, the statistics – which I won’t look up but you can, of children raised without father’s show that they tend to have a greater risk of poverty, behavioral problems, abuse, and neglect, more likely to go to prison or commit a crime, become high school dropouts and suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. Where are the fathers of today? They do not realize the job they have or the importance of their role.

We should turn to the example of Joseph who followed what the Angel of the Lord said, and was an upright and just man. He was handpicked by Almighty God to care for two of the most precious people, the Savior of the world and his mother – St. Joseph, our model, and example, pray for us!

Let’s pray –

Dear Lord, thank you for giving us the holy men and women in scripture as an example for us to see your providence in all things. You did not allow Jesus to be born or cared for by just anyone but you handpicked the man who would do the best job. Thank you my God for this example of true fatherhood and allow all of those who are hurting and without godly father examples in their lives to turn to you –please Lord be a father to them. We ask, Jesus for the following prayers … and I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.





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