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This week on the program Shauna goes toe-to-toe with her nemesis – herself.This week on the program Shauna goes toe-to-toe with her nemesis – herself. Do you ever just let your idiocy shine for all the world to see? Shauna let’s her fool-flag fly in a major way. You really do not want to miss this!

We also enjoy a recap of what it’s like to be married for twenty-one years. Many things change, but some things never do… If you’re keeping a television tally, Shauna’s husband added a new one this week, please share what number we’re up to, we’ve lost count.

We also learn this week that fashion isn’t for the week, you don’t want to miss a minute!

As always, follow Shauna everywhere social media is sold, we’re too lazy to add the links. But once you find her, you won’t want to leave her.

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