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Overcoming Guilt | Guilt can be terrible, and we are all plagued by it; however, overcoming guilt is possible, and with it comes the assurance that we are not alone. This podcast explores the meaning of guilt and how we can avoid the near occasion of sin. | #ChristianPodcast #OvercomingAnger #Christian #JesusSaves #Anger Resolution ~ Overcoming Guilt ~  Episode 237

Guilt can be terrible, and we are all plagued by it; however, overcoming guilt is possible, and with it comes the assurance that we are not alone. This podcast explores the meaning of guilt and how we can avoid the near occasion of sin.

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When Adam and Eve sinned against God, what stuck in my mind was that they were embarrassed not because of what they had done but because of what they were not wearing. When I was praying about the topic of this podcast, I did a quick word search on a Bible app, looking for the word guilt. It does not show up until the book of Leviticus, Leviticus 7:1 (Read on air.)

If you remember the books of the Bible, they go like this, Genesis, Exodus, and then Leviticus. It wasn’t until Leviticus that we see the word guilt?

Guilt is what we feel when we have done something wrong. The feeling is powerful because it typically contains some self-recrimination. We are disappointed in ourselves, maybe our lack of charity toward another, our inability to have self-control or the many other reasons we feel guilty. Unfortunately, guilt can drive our lives in a way that is not healthy.

We feel guilty over things we *think* we should do. What would be on your list if I asked you to make one? When I made my list, I found that these items were not sinful. I can share with you that I feel guilty that I no longer send birthday cards to family members. Even when I buy a gift, I do not include a card. I find it difficult to buy a card since it is hard to find one that conveys my feelings. But is that sinful? Is that something I should waste time feeling guilty about? No, not really. It is wonderful to receive a card and feel like someone in the family thinks about you, but it is not a sin that we should feel guilty about.

And that is what I wanted to share with you that we waste so much time feeling guilty over the things that do not matter. Thankfully the Lord Jesus came to pay the price of our sins with His death and His Resurrection that broke the bonds of death for all of us. We no longer need to pay guilt offerings. So why do we feel guilt? Because the Lord has created us so that we realize that when we sin, we should feel remorse. People hide it in all types of ways that are unhealthy such as drinking, drugs, or denial. The issue is discerning what is true guilt and what is false.

When we sin against God or others in a way that breaks one of the commandments, we truly sin and should feel true guilt. When we don’t do something we should not do, like spoiling a child, we might feel a false sense of guilt. Perhaps we are enforcing some type of discipline, taking away a phone, or denying a child time to visit friends. How many parents feel worse when they punish a child than the child actually feels? If you are not a parent yet, believe me–it’s a thing!

Another way we feel guilt is in the example I shared about sending cards. I think I should do it, so it is on me to have a mindset change (and be okay that I don’t) or to resolve to send out cards to express my sincere thoughts to family members. However, that is something only I can decide. It should not take up head space. We should not worry about it and should put this idea in perspective.

Being guilty can be helpful as a way to identify sin. We can then confess it and move on.

But how do you overcome chronic guilt or guilt that is false?

  1. Decide what guilt you are trying to overcome.
  2. If it is true guilt, what can you do to change your ways? Can you confess and “sin no more”?
  3. How can we move on if it is false or chronic guilt for something we believe we should do, but it is NOT sinful?

When we look at the term “guilt” in the New Testament, it is all related to sin. Guilt over sin and judgment for sin. When is guilt warranted? When we are in sin when there is evil that tempts us into sin. We should feel that guilt due to sin. That, my friend, is good. Guilt from sin brings us to repentance! We can ask for forgiveness from a just but loving God and move on.

Identifying the type of guilt is the first step in freeing our minds. Do you realize how much headspace that guilt takes? It can cause people to fall into a deeper sin of a chronic condition like alcoholism or drug addiction. Guilt can eat away at us, and we need to forgive ourselves. This is easier said than done. Many people live lives of self-hatred and guilt, which turns into those chronic conditions and often true physical illnesses. Again, it is a way the enemy gets in, and we need spiritual warfare (Ephesians – read that book!) to overcome this.

Remember, the enemy looks for ways to tell us we are less than! If we believe this lie, it allows the evil one a foothold to torment us and for us to feel bad about ourselves. Our hope is in God, who is the maker of all things. 1 Timothy 4:10 – (Read on air.)

Our self-worth is not dependent on whether or not we mail out birthday cards or whatever is on your list of guilt-ridden issues. Our hope is in the living God. The Savior of all people–and what is the next line? The Savior of all people, and especially those who believe.

Can you join me this week in looking at how you can overcome the guilt that is not from true sin? How can you overcome the guilt that is false and lies from the enemy? Pray about this during the week, and join me in praising God today and always!


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