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Overcoming Laziness Overcoming Laziness is not for those who do not want change. Laziness can seep into your spiritual life as well. In this show, we go over the causes of laziness and ways to overcome and lead a more productive life! | #ChristianPodcast #Podcast #ChristianFocus #ChristFocused #OvercomeLazinessResolution: Overcoming Laziness – Episode 238

Overcoming laziness is not for those who do not want change. Laziness can seep into your spiritual life as well. This show covers the causes of laziness and ways to overcome it and lead to a more productive life!

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I love to read, and for many years when I was busy raising my kids and family, I found no time for this pleasurable pastime. Sure I read, but books for my children or books on learning something for my business. The pleasure of escaping into historical fiction, romance, or mystery was something I wanted to do but didn’t. The reason? I had little control once I became immersed in a story, and I knew my weakness, and I knew that I would be prone to laziness if I allowed myself the time to escape.

What causes laziness? It can be procrastination, exhaustion, or just a lack of wanting to try. Did you know that laziness is a sin? Tell that to all of us who love the occasion of being couch potatoes. Or what about vegging out and thinking of nothing in particular?

However, laziness can lead to moral sin and too much time on your hands to get yourself in trouble. Think about the Internet and the access to graphics and video that can lead a person to grave sin. Proverbs 6 is about denying ourselves, working hard, and looking at a mere creature, an ant of all things, as an example of how we should diligently work. Proverb 6 is called “Warnings Against Folly.”

Proverbs 6:6-8 (Read on air)

The Bible tells us how important action is, and laziness is the opposite of doing. We read the following verses:

Read on air:
  1. Proverbs 12:24
  2. Ecclesiastes 10:18
  3. Proverbs 19:15
  4. Proverbs 10:4  ~ “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.”

As a young mom, I read a self-help book on getting things done. The section on washing dishes said, “Just do them.” Simple, right? Do the dishes when you use them, and do not allow them to pile up. Practical. Later, when I began a business, I soon learned that successful people are often the most productive. I had a podcast where I interviewed people on the topic of writing and publishing. The most successful authors were the ones that quickly gave me a bio, an answer to the outline of the points that were -to cover as well as prompt attention to whatever else I needed.

Successful people, as Proverbs 10:4 states, know how to get things done in a timely fashion.

Laziness brings its own host of problems and leads us to guilt. It also leads us to attitudes that can block our spiritual life with God. It can lead to indifference, suffering, and ignoring those under our care or needing help. It does not allow us to connect with others. It can also lead us to self-centered behavior, the world continues to tell us what we need and how we should be fulfilled, and my pet peeve is “living your best life,” because what? Would we want to live our worse life? (I get it; I still don’t like that saying!) Laziness can also lead to pessimism. It can foster a critical spirit within us and allow us to fall into arguments which will take us further away from peace and a life filled with goodness.

How do we change? We repent, and we ask the Lord for His help. In Hebrews 6:12 we read: (on air)

Do we want to inherit the kingdom? Is it good enough to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and then live any life you want? Some of you may say no. Others may say yes that salvation is not dependent on what we do. This is both true and false.

If we stop with “accepting the Lord” and do nothing else, we are shortchanging our life and becoming spiritually lazy. That is taking the easy way out. Philippians 2:12 states (read on air)

That does not sound like laziness to me. I believe we must make the fundamental option (as my pastor calls it) and choose Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Still, we must go on and lead a life free from sin (as much as humanly possible and repent when we fall) and then make an effort to spend time in prayer and in the works of service. God – family – self is a recipe for success.

Just like the book said to avoid dish pileup, just do it. What is Nike’s saying – that’s right, “Just Do It.” We, too, must make ourselves people of action. In podcasts past, I’ve invited you to read Scripture and spend time with God and His precious word in the Bible. When was the last time you did these things? We often see things as insurmountable, but in these shows, I work hard on small pieces that are attainable by you and me. I join you each week when I give you a challenge, so I know it can be done.

I’m not giving you ten things. You have to accomplish just one. Look at your life. Are you happy with your productivity? Great, then you are done. But if you are like me, you see your life constantly needs improvement. Sure, we can be happy where we are, but we should move forward in our walk with the Lord. I love the Christian bumper sticker, “Christian under Construction.”

Our work is done at the end of our life, and how wonderful that if I am still recording and you are still here listening, we have time. We have time to overcome laziness, we have time to rededicate our lives to the Lord, and we have time to be the amazing, blessed person that was always meant to be!

This week our challenge is to overcome laziness. Look at those areas of your life and make changes. Small to begin with and larger as you go on and share the good news with others. Our God is miraculous. I can’t wait until next week to share a miracle that happened in my friend’s life. May God be blessed!

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