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Peacemakers | Who are the peacemakers? Are you a peacemaker, and do you find yourself in that role? What does the Holy Bible say? This podcast discusses being a peacemaker and how we can all strive to do our part | #podcast #Christianpodcast #CatholicPodcast #newdayinChrist #Christ #AgonyandVictory #HeisRisen #ConsumedByJoy #ResurrectionPeople #Episode305 #GodIsWithYou #PeacemakersWho are the peacemakers? Are you a peacemaker, and do you find yourself in that role? What does the Holy Bible say? This podcast discusses being a peacemaker and how we can all strive to do our part.

Peacemakers ~ Episode

If you look up the word online, you will find that being a peacemaker is not a good thing. In all fairness, this information came from a search using the latest AI technology, artificial intelligence. There have always been computer programs that search for keywords and match websites with the words. However, the latest technology gives a synopsis of what is found in literal seconds, which needs to be corrected. One of the reasons is technology does not have a heart; a human element is missing.

My search showed me that a peacemaker is drawn to those who disagree and are typically worn out or frustrated, and it is a person who does not take care of themselves. While all of that can be correct, making a blanket statement in some people is not always good. It is said that peacemakers are not assertive. How can you be a peacemaker without speaking up and trying to see things from different sides? That requires diplomacy. Sure, not everyone is diplomatic, but it is a gift if you are. I try to see things from both sides outside my family, and the frustration comes when I can not understand an evil motivation. I can not computer things like abortion on demand or late-term abortion. In truth, I can not understand abortion at all, the killing of a life. In some states, legally. As one popular television personality said, he was for abortion. He agreed it was murder, and he said he could live with that thought and urged abortion advocates to embrace that terminology.

Wow. Our world is a place where evil is recognized and allowed. And we should all be okay with it—are you? We must pray, dear friends, because there is good news. The good news is that Jesus reigns now and forever, and evil has no hold over those who profess Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior (if they live holy and, in my case, sacramental lives).

When we discuss the word peace in a religious context, we are talking about a feeling that comes from an action. This can be caused by an action on our part, being in a quiet room, reading a scripture verse, and meditating on the meaning, which comes from God’s grace. However, a peacemaker can refrain from using words that can incite or cause problems or dissension. A peacemaker can see a situation that has gotten out of control and turn it around into one that is diffused, forcing those in disagreement to agree or compromise.

Recently, I watched someone do this effortlessly. This person took a volatile situation filled with misunderstanding and frustration and, in a few sentences, told each of those affected what the other was trying to say diplomatically. I was impressed. It caused me to think and consider the idea of being a peacemaker. Who are those who strive for peace, and how are they rewarded? As the scriptures tell us – we are told, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Wow! I want to be called a child of God.

I have to admit that I have not always been a peacemaker outside my family. It is sometimes easy to get others riled up, and it is under the guise of teasing, just having fun, or trying to make a point. I realized that it did more harm than good, and while I am not being specific here in my examples, I believe we can all look at our own lives and find situations where we could have used our words more effectively and in a way that would do good rather than harm.

Being a peacemaker is a good thing. In the Bible, we have Christ’s wonderful words when he was surrounded by the crowds. The Beatitudes contain words we should read daily (read on air).

These are words we should read daily. I remember reading these words back in my smart-aleck days and thinking, well, I’m no meek or humble; I’m in trouble! Friends, I was laughing at myself here and kidding around, but I had much work to do on my spiritual journey! It has been quite the journey, and the Lord is still working with me—praise you, Jesus!

Being a peacemaker in this world means making a conscious effort to examine your words, what you are saying, and how they impact the lives of others. Words matter. (More on air.)

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