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Podcasting Basics with Felice GerwitzPodcast Basics with Felice Gerwitz

Episode #4

So, you think you want to podcast? Where do you begin? In this episode, longtime podcaster, Felice Gerwitz shares the information she’s learned through the years. Her first podcast, the Information in a Nutshell(TM): Writing and Publishing Show began in 2008. Learning the ropes through trial-and-error, using a phone to record and a shoe-string budget, her show ranked as one of the top shows in the writing and publishing space. Technology has now improved to bring cutting edge sound and a wonderful variety of possibilities.

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Writing and Publishing

Show Notes: Podcasting Basics

Having passion and drive is a necessity, yet it is important to know what to say and when. An outline of your show and show notes is helpful, yet not necessary for everyone. Some podcasters like a more natural approach while others may read word-for-word from notes. Having a to-do list or a check list may be helpful as well since there are many moving parts to creating a podcast. A good microphone and computer are important and there are free online resources for recording. Yet, without a good outline or information, people may not tune back week after week. One way to understand the process is by listening to some experienced podcasters. As you listen to their shows, listen with a critical ear and see if you can catch any of the points in their presentation.

Listen to experienced podcasters here, here, here and here for ideas.


How to set up your episode: Podcasting Basics

Either create a podcast series or a stand alone episode

  • Break down the time, and what you want to say – approx 20-60 minutes.
    • Play intro
    • Welcome the listener
    • Give the episode and show name
    • Give the episode number
    • Give information about where to find the show notes
    • Give information about how else to listen to the show
    • Ask for a star rating on iTunes or Google Play, etc.
    • Body of your podcast – pre and post commercial
    • Play your commercial
    • Thank your listeners and tell them, again – where to find the show notes
    • Give a call to action
    • Play the outro



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