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Power of Words |The power of words comes to life in the Gospels, in the healings of Christ, and in the vanquishing of evil.| #ChristianPodcast #Christian #podcast #AFewMinutesWithGod #PowerOfWordsPower of Words ~ Episode 243

The power of words comes to life in the Gospels, in the healings of Christ, and in the vanquishing of evil. Do we know how to use the words to benefit ourselves and others? In this episode, Felice shares what it means to be used by the Lord in a powerful way.

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Have you heard that words have power? Even outside Christian circles, we hear of the power of words in positive thinking and self-help books. Words can be used to build up our own self-esteem, and positive words we are told are good for our health! Words are used to tell stories; in books and conversations, words bring us knowledge.

Even though words are powerful and can bring us knowledge, that does not necessarily mean they bring wisdom. Wisdom is a gift of God, and it is in that gift that the power of words comes. The fountain of wisdom is reading, studying, understanding, and taking the Scriptures (the Word of God) to heart. It allows our faith to be strengthened.

The Bible is called the Word of God, and the Bible has power. Hebrews 4:12 (Read on air.)

God spoke the world into being in the Book of Genesis; with God’s word, the seas parted as Moses, and the Israelites were taken out of Egypt; with the words of Christ, demons were cast out, and people were healed of not only their sins but their illnesses.

But words can be used for evil. We see the effects of evil words in our world today, with the difference between what is true and what is false. Often the words we hear are confusing, and the truth is blurred beyond recognition. Yet, if we are filled with the light of Christ, if we have faith and allow the Lord to work through us, we will have discernment. And, if we know His Word by studying Scripture, we can arm ourselves with the knowledge that truth only comes from God. In fact, the evil that used to be hidden beyond the shadows is now front and center out in the open, and while Christians protest, the evil continues to happen.

We can fool ourselves, but we can not fool God, He knows the intentions of our hearts, and often these intentions spill over into what we say. Changes can happen with the power of words, which can be positive or negative, with overwhelming consequences. If we are not informed, if we do not study the Word of God – if we do not realize that our words have power and can be used in a mighty way for the glory of God, then we are falling short of our mission as Christians.

Words are in prayers; words are in praise a

We must begin by acknowledging that words have power and that a spoken word can heal! I’ve seen it! I’ve seen prayers answered. Words are a gift from God. We can read the Word of God in the Scriptures and learn; we can use this Word to tell others the good news. You and I have a responsibility – we must understand that our words can cause serious damage or good. We can be a positive influence on our own family, our friends, or our place of work. Words can build people up, tear people down or sow discord and confusion. In fact, words have such power that they can be outright dangerous!

In fact, good and true words are often “shut down,” or the new buzzword; now, people are canceled. How can truth be wrong? It can’t. So what do we do? We arm ourselves with that two-edged sword. We arm ourselves with wisdom. If God is the giver of truth, the giver of wisdom which is freely given, we should begin by asking for this grace, similar to what King Solomon did; this is an amazing book of the Bible and shows us through example what can happen by asking in prayer.

We read about King Solomon and how he asked God for wisdom. 1 Kings 5:12 – (Read on air) Then we read about the two women who went before the King, each claiming to have given birth to a child. They asked the King to decide which of them was the true mother. King Solomon recommended cutting the baby in half and giving one half to each, but we read that the true mother gave her child up to the other. The King knew by the true mother’s selfless act that the child was hers.

Following this discourse, we read: 1 Kings 4:30: (read on air_

Why was this? Because God is the giver of wisdom. King Solomon asked, and God delivered.

We read about the wisdom of God in the words of men throughout the Scriptures, and when it is stated, it is followed by the actions being just and righteous, and men were filled with awe.

James 1:5 If someone among you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives to all generously and without finding fault, and it will be given to him.

Throughout the scriptures, we read about wisdom in the book of Judith especially – Judith 11:23 states: (read on air)

Wisdom is given by God in word and in deed. All through Job, we hear about wisdom; there is even the Book of Wisdom in Scripture.

Probably one of the most quoted verses in the book of Job is Job 28:28 (Read on air.)

Psalm 27:30 – The mouth of the righteous man utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks what is right.

How will we use this in our own lives? First, pray to the Lord, “Dear Lord, give me the gift of wisdom and the discernment on how to use it.” This prayer is the beginning. By asking the Lord we are opening our hearts to His will and His providence for us, our lives, and the lives of those we touch. Then as we are filled up, we pour out into others. We ask the Lord to help us with our family, to help us with our neighbors, and those we come into contact with each day.

A friend of ours, a doctor, would pray with his patients. But, first, he asked the Lord if he should pray. He would feel a gentle nudge in his spirit to pray or not to pray. Some people would not be open to prayer, and most came to a doctor for medical treatment, not spiritual treatment. Yet, in his years of practice, God was still using him in a powerful way.

How will you use the words that you have? Only you can decide. The power of words begins with God’s Word, and it ends with us being open to doing God’s will – I challenge you this week to pray for wisdom and the power to use words for the glory of God!


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