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The promise of faith is filled with hope! In a secular world that has turned its back on God, we know that He has not forsaken or forgotten us but He can use us to bring others back to Him.The Promise of Faith ~ Episode 187

The promise of faith is filled with hope! In a secular world that has turned its back on God, we know that He has not forsaken or forgotten us but He can use us to bring others back to Him.

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Promise of Faith

Our free will allows for all things, many that are great and others that are…well, not so great. As we live our lives many of the promises or hopes that we have in the things of this world, material acquisitions, or friendships let us down. People we love are gone, and those we love have hurt us. Not all the time but on the occasion that we are afraid to put all our hope or trust in anything and that even means our faith.

The promise of faith is purely a gift, it is freely given from the Almighty for no other reason than God is love – He is justice, He is peace, He is everlasting and steadfast in our life, but more than that He holds us in the palm of His hand.

We are the ones who turn our back, who run away, who decide that pleasure even short-lived is worth it in the end. I had a very stubborn son, and after a punishment, I would ask him, “Was it worth it? Was it worth being disobedient and getting punished?” and he would answer, “Yes.”

He was a child and soon learned that with disobedience comes punishment and the same is true for us and our journey in faith. However, we have a hope that can not be diminished or taken from us and that hope is in Christ.

He died for us, for our sins so that the gates of heaven would be opened to us. But, He did this out of free will. I once heard that the nails and the soldiers did not keep Christ on the cross, it was His will and His love for us that kept Him there to endure excruciating suffering.

Let’s do this quick activity to see where you place your hope.

  1. When you wake up what are your thoughts?
  2. Do we give glory to God for every good thing? Or yourself?
  3. Do you lift up your life challenges to the Lord or take them upon your own shoulders?
  4. Do you suffer quietly or do you complain loudly?
  5. Do you live your faith out in the open only to live a lie in the quiet of your own home?

Think about this, and if you answered in a way that is not God-centered, then there is work to do. Sure faith is a gift and it can not be earned. However, James 2:14-18 paints a different picture than the once saved always saved. He says…(listen to the podcast).

What is our hope? The psalmist knew read all of Psalm 16.

Ultimately our hope is in the Lord the creator of heaven and earth. Community is important and having and surrounding ourselves with like-minded friends. Putting ourselves in dangerous situations with friends who are living lives that are focused on themselves is putting our faith in our own strength which is a recipe for failure.

Is it easy to be virtuous – to live a life of compassion, gentleness, courtesy toward others? Friend the greatest gift we have is the hope that Christ is always with us until the end of times. We don’t have to do us – or do you which is the latest nonsense I’ve heard. We need to do Christ and look at our faith as a gift that keeps on giving.

Want to see a true believer? How does this person act when no one is around? How would you feel about seeing someone kick a puppy? That would be considered cruel. But someone who considers an unborn baby a commodity is considered within their rights. Amazing how rights are only one-sided – we are finding more and more of our rights taken away. What will we do?

We will look toward the Lord and say, “What do I do,” or “Here I am Lord, I come to do your will.” Ask the Lord before reacting negatively. Remember anger is not from the Lord and we should look at our fellow brothers, as misguided if they are in sin. Pointing out sin in others is so not our job! Unless it is a spouse that you can loving encourage, or a child under your care.

We are not the God-police, we are a soldier in the Army of Christ, with the hope of knowing how this battle ends. It is won and God is victorious. God came as a child not only to die for our sins but to conquer death – the gift from our first parents and the evil one. Our legacy is everlasting life and for that, I have great hope!

Let’s Pray:

Dear Lord, I praise you in all things and I thank you for the gift of faith and hope in what is unseen. Faith is demonstrated through good works and I ask you Lord to bless the works I perform so that it gives you all the glory and honor! Dear Lord I pray for the following intentions and needs… and I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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