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Secret Mission For God | I love the idea of a secret mission - but a secret mission for God? In this episode, we will discuss how many of us keep our faith hidden and ways we can share the "good news," and the love that is only in Christ. | #podcast #christianpodcast #christian #missionaries #christianmission #christianmissionaries #spreadingthegoodnews #JesusSecret Mission For God -Episode 149

I love the idea of a secret mission – but a secret mission for God? In this episode, we will discuss how many of us keep our faith hidden and ways we can share the “good news,” and the love that is only in Christ.

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Do you remember the song from your childhood, “This Little Light of Mine”? It is a song that is often sung during children’s choir or Bible Camps. This is an uplifting song that reminds children that the light of God is not just for them but for the world. The song comes from the scripture, in Matthew 5:14-16 Jesus said,

The Lord said this after the Beatitudes (Matthew 5: 3-12) The entire chapter 5 should be read and savored, because our Lord, who gave up His life for us, was teaching us a way to live. And so, what do we do to say, “Thank you my God you have the everlasting words of truth?” We hide it under a bushel. We are on a secret mission for God – that is how we treat our faith. We hide it, because we don’t want to be prideful or to brag or to act like we are “holier than thou.”  So, here is where we need balance.

Do you know people that are professed Christians who think they have all the answers, put others down who do not know Christ,  and are judgemental? Yeah, we can probably think of a few of those, if fact even if you are a Christian you are not the right “type” of Christian. And, that is the problem. In an effort to not be “that person” we go to the extreme. We hide the truth, our own light and keep our faith secret. Friends, we live in a volatile world of negative opinion, name-calling, and false rhetoric. We have to learn what we should and should not say, but never-ever discount your love of God. Love those that are hard to love, and speak love to all people. Remember the scriptures about loving our enemies? Again we are in Matthew 5 this time 5:43-48

How can we be perfect? We can’t without Christ. True perfection lies in letting go and letting God. Is it easy to love your enemies? No, of course not. Talking to people who you disagree with is often difficult, but talking with love is always important or we will be no better than the tax collectors.

Recently I spoke to a business acquaintance that believes the opposite of everything I hold dear. In our conversation, we shared ideas, opinions, and left the conversation with an understanding that we did not agree. However, there was no name-calling, no minimalizing my stance or my faith and I did share what I hold dear and good. And, yet we left as friends. If more people did this, talking with love and conviction for all, we would not be in the place we are now. We are in a place that Jesus spoke about in the scriptures, honoring Christ with our lips but our hearts are far away from Him.

Matthew 15:3-11

What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them. That is why the English playwright and author from the 1800s said the “pen is mightier than the sword.” Can we take that to heart? Can we speak in ways that are uplifting (and friends, I’m talking to myself here as well as asking you to do this with me!). How can we be Christians by our light and our love?

Are you on a secret mission for God? Are you praying for others, are you putting time into your relationships with God first to infill and bring our lives to the joy that overflows into others? Are we looking for the good in others, are we praising and worshipping and thanking God with every living breath that flows out of us?

Of course not. Life keeps getting in the way. We may wake up with high hopes and aspirations and then the next second we turn around and someone or something irritates us! I’ve learned to keep the news off, to pray for the welfare and the health of those who are being maligned and hurt by the lack of leadership in our world. It begins with the strength of fathers and mothers within the family and their faith in God. Moral children begin with moral families and those who have risen above their situation poor upbringing and situations are all the stronger.

The take away is that if we are truly a person of faith and we truly want to live the life that God has for us, one that is fulfilling and joyful, one that looks at adversity and says, “Lord help me find the way around it,” a person of prayer and a person of strong faith and conviction, we need to ask the Holy Spirit for an infilling so we can be warriors for truth. We must be warrior of God, putting on the armor of Christ so that we can fight the enemy of words and slander that is plaguing our world.

The true crisis today is that children have not been taught how to think. The true crisis is that people are puppets of the flavor of the week or the whim of the day. The true crisis is that people believe that right is wrong and wrong is right. It is never okay to hurt others, to destroy property for the sake of righteousness, and to ask others to give up or abdicate their roles or responsibilities for the sake of control. We have been lead down a path of godlessness for years friends. God was taken out of our schools and good Christians did not flock to Christian schools, no–they stayed in the cheaper alternative and what was at stake was the souls of our children. What the public schools began the universities have finished.

Stand up friends, take back our land, our faith, our churches. Let your voice join with mine in prayer, a prayer that remains unceasing. We need to pray in a way that is so different than anything we have done before. The enemy is loose friends, not that he has ever been contained, but the people were moral and good – or at least trying… they were able to resist the tactics of the enemy. What about now? Now morals have been loosened, they have been undermined, they have been challenged and those who were strong, or grew up with good morals are turning their back to God. Why? Because that road is less traveled and they feel the burden of Christianity is heavy. I agree it is – when you try to carry it on your own. Are you carrying your burdens on your own are you trying to “do it” whatever “it is” by yourself? In those times we come depressed or despondent and feel like our faith is hollow. It is not – our faith is and can be strong if we allow God to work in our lives. Friends, the mission from God is to stay the course to learn, to pray, to spend time in communication…and most of all to allow the love of God–that none of us deserve but He freely gives to fill us with every good thing.

Let’s Pray:
My God you are so worthy of my love and my praise and I know you love me more than I can possibly understand by the virtue of the fact that I am living. Dear Lord, you know all things and you know the state of the world, the state of our lives, and the state of those who want to love and serve you. Please help me, my God, to allow more of you and less of me, help me to put you first, allow me to share the good news, not to hide the light, your light under a bushel. I pray specifically for the following prayer intentions: Thank you for every good thing, and I pray this in Jesus’ precious Name. Amen.




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