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What happens when you need a spiritual fill-up? It is time to go to the source of all that is good and holy!Spiritual Fill UP – Episode 177

What happens when you need a spiritual fill-up? It is time to go to the source of all that is good and holy! In this podcast we will discuss getting a spiritual fill-up and why it is good for us to recharge each day.

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This year I took on a big project that was bigger than I could imagine and made my time even scarcer (if that was possible) than before. I was miserable during part of it and while I loved the project itself, I hated the timeline and deadlines that were required to finish it, quickly. However, once I was done I discovered that I needed a big dose of God and a refreshing of my spirit. It is not that I didn’t pray, or go to church, sometimes daily. It wasn’t that I didn’t spend time with God… no it was more than that. It was that I needed to be refreshed from the inside out and the outside in. I needed an infilling of the Holy Spirit in a mighty and powerful way.

  1. The first way is to just ask!

There are many ways to get a spiritual fill up but one of the best ways is by just asking the Lord, to refresh and renew us. This can be a prayer we say each day upon waking and it can begin with a simple, “help me Lord,” to a more complex, “Allow me to do your will today, my God.” Our Lord will direct us in the ways we should go, the direction we should head, but may times we forget to ask.

  1. Another fill happens when we praise God in song.

Listening to praise and worship music is one thing that always helps me. I become joyous and start singing along. We can fill the spirit being stirred within us. And, spiritual health check-up

A spiritual fill-up also means spending time in the word, daily readings can infill our souls with the amazing goodness of our God. When I take the time to journal about something that has touched me and I started – thanks to my sister-in-law, bringing a small book to church where I can jot down something that touched me that was in reading the Bible or something that the pastor said. I always think I will remember and I find that writing it down does help me. I can go back and read it during times when I need the renewal.

  1. Prayer.

Spending time with God and making time to pray each day. Sometimes we spend time reading the Word or going to church but prayer time is so important. I am blessed that when I walk into my church it is so quiet. I can kneel and pray and ask the Lord’s forgiveness for anything I’ve done to offend him as well as take the time to thank and worship Him. Allow the Lord to lead us in our prayers and it is another way that can bring us closer to Him. We will feel that lightheartedness when we consider the Lord and his amazing works and deeds!

Ephesians 4:20-25

Spiritual renewal is a renewal of our minds – if there is an area where you need to repent do it. If God calls it to min, allow yourself to be humbled and ask for forgiveness. The word says holiness of truth – and laying aside falsehoods. It also says speak truth each one of you with his neighbor which brings me to the next point

  1. Scripture Time.

Do a keyword search for specific things you need help with and use the word scripture. For example, overcoming sadness scriptures or encouragement scriptures. You can write these down and look them up in your Bible. Make a list of these and use them as you can as your go-to verses. Sure it is easy to look them up but writing them in a journal is helpful and we will remember them better when we write them down.

  1. Like-Minded Friends

Surround yourself with like-minded friends, those who are encouragers and allow you to share but also point you to the source for the answers. Some friends will pull you down or involve you in their problems to an extent that you can’t get to the surface because you are drowning in their problems. Friends point you to the Lord and keep you from going down the wrong path – temper this too with those friends who tend to be overly critical!

So to recap:

  1. Just ask the Lord.
  2. Praise and Worship music.
  3. Prayer
  4. Get into the Word and journal
  5. Like-minded friends.

Let’s pray:
Dear Lord, we all need a spiritual tune-up and infilling from time to time… I praise you and thank you that you are available for me to go to in times of need, to be infilled when I ask, and to provide for me and answers to my prayers and requests. Thank you for giving me a heart that is open to you and your will for my life and I pray for the needs and requests of those I ask for today – and I praise you

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