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God & Stress | What happens to stress when we let God in? Well, when we stress there are so many things that happen, and sadly none of them are helpful to our mental or physical help or our lives.| #podcast #christianpodcast #stress #Christian #helpforstressStress and God Episode 168

Stress and God are not compatible. When we stress there are so many things that happen, and sadly none of them are helpful to our mental or physical health. In this episode, I discuss the root cause of stress and how you can make changes for the better in your lives, with little steps.

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Why do Christians have stress when they believe in the Almighty and that His hand is on the universe? There are so many reasons for this and while I can give you all the platitudes, it’s okay and God’s got this, for many of us it falls on deaf ears. Why do we worry? Why do we care? Does worry help you? Does worry make things better? Does complaining?

I love Luke 12:22-31 – here is the first admonishment from the Lord…

For life is more than food and body more than clothing… of course, we must provide for our families but often we get caught up in the external to the detriment of the internal. Where is your heart? Where do you store your treasures? Is it in the things of this world? I have to admit that I don’t like the way our world is headed and for me and my house we will serve the Lord, but unless I put my faith into action, it is only words. We must love others and focus on our own families before we try to fix the world. Everything sadly does not have a solution.

God has His hands around us and we know it and we need to make that connection between our minds and our will. We let our minds take control, we let our fears run rampant and we worry about the future. How can we change our fear into praise? It is easier than you think, make a decision where you are fearful to chose God, and here is a brief plan on how to do this.

First, we have control over our minds, we can allow garbage in watching videos that put us on edge and rob us of our peace. Do you know what I mean? We can allow this information into our minds and therefore it tends to put us on edge. Just as we turn things on we can turn things off, and it is time to turn off the stress. Quit watching the news, quit watching those videos, and work on your relationship with the Almighty God.

Do we trust God or not? Maybe this is a time of chastisement, maybe this is a time when everything we hoped for will not happen, and maybe it is a time of new beginnings. Sometimes things have to burn to the ground in order for new growth to occur. And this is a time to pray. We as Christian people have been comfortable with one foot in both the secular and the other in the spiritual world. The word of God never changes, but the other is fraught with uncertainty and change. And, when our foundation is shaken we fall in a heap of despair. But our God is God of the Universe and in His permissive will, for the benefit of our eternal soul He allows our lives to hit those bumps and what does that do? It makes us open our eyes and see that only our eternal souls are what is important.

Relationships come and go. Money comes and goes. But our Lord, He loves us no matter what, and no matter how much or how little time we give to Him. Where is our hope? Our hope is in Christ. I pray that you continue to put your hope in Christ, delve into the word and pray. Yes, cry out the heavens, for our world is desperately in need of a revival.

Let’s pray.

Dear Jesus you know our hearts, you know how terrible the world is right now, and like the cry of the people in times past, we cry out to you! Your will Lord, Your will… please let me see your hand in my life, in those little and big things. Give me discernment in what I should look at and what I should spend my time and focus on, and all the rest let it fall to the wayside. I love you Lord and I ask a blessing and protection on my family and those needs I pray for now… And, I offer this up to you, Almighty God, Amen.

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