Crisis Money Management for Women

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Crisis Money Management for WomenEpisode 35–Crisis Money Management for Women


With many Americans experiencing an economic crisis because of the COVID-19 pandemic, crisis money management for women and their families is a timely subject.

Many people have had their hours reduced, been furloughed from their jobs, or lost them altogether, and even though some states are planning to allow business to reopen, the economy is in a mess, and people need help.

Rachel Beverly, an accountant with Ernst and Young, sits down with The Working Woman Radio Show to talk about practical things that women and their families can do make ends meet during these difficult times.

Rachel gives suggestions on how to make a simple budget, what people can do to trim their expenses, what to do or not do if you don’t have an emergency fund.

Ms. Beverly also talks about paying down things like student loans and credit cards, and whether or not to make changes with your current investments.







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Crisis Money Management for WomenMore About Rachel Beverly

Rachel Beverly is a tax accountant with Ernst and Young, one of the largest accounting firms in the world. She grew up in Alabama where she  attended the University of Alabama where she made life-long friends from around the globe. 

Her friendships led her to move to Clarkston, GA, one of the most diverse places in the US. She loves being outside and spending time with friends.