The Business of Hair

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The Business of Hair

Episode 67–The Business of Hair


The Working Woman Radio Show sat down with hairstylist extraordinaire, Angelia McCall, who gave us the 411 on the business of hair.

Angelia, one of the most sought after hairstylists in the metro-Atlanta area, shares industry secrets for maintaining beautiful healthy hair, opportunities for women in the industry, as well as some other juicy tidbits.


More About Angelia McCall

Angelia McCall, or as Angie as her friends and family call her, has been a licensed stylist for the last ten years. 

Whether she’s working in salons in the south side of metro Atlanta, on fashion photoshoots in the suburbs of Alpharetta, or learning about how beauty products are made, Angie has definitely dabbled in almost everything the beauty industry has to offer, and is excited about future opportunities to come.







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The Working Woman Wardrobe

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The working woman wardrobe. Clothing ideas for working women. Episode 3- The Working Woman’s Wardrobe

Deciding what to wear for work these days can be tricky business. Many women find looking fashionable and keeping up with the latest trends expensive and exhausting.

Additionally, the workplace has evolved. It used to be that work was from 9-to-5 and had a fixed geographical location. There were desks and staplers, fountain pens, and corded phones. You had a designated spot (usually a cubical) and everybody knew who sat where, and you could expect to spend all or at least most of your time in one place.

Advancements in technology, working remotely, and freelancing, has fundamentally changed the way work looks and feels. Work sometimes means accessing emails on your phone at the local coffee shop and doing video meetings from your desk at home. Office politics now takes place via social media rather than around the water-cooler. A pencil skirt and stilettos, although chic, is not necessary if you work from home. It can also be downright inconvenient for walking meetings or “break-out areas” with low-level seating. 

In this episode, Najah Drakes, the CEO of Divinico Clothing, an online women’s boutique, offers wardrobe help for today’s working woman. She tell us how to create a fabulous, fashionable wardrobe that’s flexible for wherever you work. She talks about the must-haves for every working wardrobe. She also gives the listeners tips on how to purchase those items economically.

According to her website, Najah’s company, Divinico, specializes in “high quality rhinestone encrusted apparel and products, as well as non-rhinestone apparel, and they “offer products that help women sparkle from the inside out”. For more information about Divinico, visit their website at

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