Healthcare Careers for Women

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Healthcare Careers for Women

Episode 29–Healthcare Careers for Women in the 21st Century

Healthcare careers for women is in high demand in the 21st century.

As a former hospital administrator, Laura Durojaiye, intimately understands the needs of the healthcare community.

Laura discusses the current  shortage of workers in the healthcare industry. She talks about what needs to be done get qualified people into the pipeline to fill these vacancies. 

Mrs. Durojaiye also weights in on the current COVID-19 crisis. She’s talks about the very long hours that doctors and nurses and other support staff are working to meet the medical needs of their communities. As a former hospital administrator, she offers some practical suggestions  to ease the load for these healthcare workers.

Finally, Mrs. Durojaiye briefly discusses her groundbreaking role as creator and inventor of the TransCart, a state-of-the-art patient mobility vehicle.

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Healthcare Careers for WomenMore About Laura Durojaiye

Laura Durojaiye is the CEO of TransCart International. She is the inventor of the TransCart, a vehicle that provides a safe, efficient transportation experience for both nurses and patients. 

Laura has been in the healthcare business for nearly four decades. She started her healthcare career at the Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina. Shortly thereafter, she accepted a position as Administrative Coordinator at North Carolina Memorial Hospital. 

She then moved to Atlanta in 1979 to manage the Eye/Ear, Nose and Throat Outpatient Clinics at Grady Memorial Hospital. Additionally, she served as the Director of Transportation and Communications at Emory University Hospital for 13 years. She also is the founding member of the National Association of Hospital Transport Managers.  Additionally, Mrs. Durojaiye served as the Vice President of Administration for Essex Valley Healthcare in Orange, NJ. She also worked as the Interim Health Assessment and Promotions Manager for DeKalb County Board of Health.


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The TransCart

The TransCart is a vehicle that provides a safe and efficient transportation experience for both nurses and patients. A patented innovation, the TransCart is constructed of a high-density poly-plastic material. It glides on high performance wheels that move with the help of stainless steel ball bearings and it is designed to use minimum force for propulsion.  To continue reading, click here.




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The healthcare industry is on the rise, adding positions at a much quicker clip than the average job market and compensating employees with competitive salaries, thanks in part to increased demand from an aging Baby Boomer community. To continue reading, click here.





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