Why It Matter What Essential Oils You Use

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Podcast #53

Why It Matter What Essential Oils You Use

This is a common question that is asked and it is not really complicated. We know when we buy better quality foods, we are healthier and feel better. This is the same with essential oils. With more and more essential oil companies popping up everywhere, how does one know which one to choose?

USDA Organic Certified vs. Young Living Seed to Seal

USDA Organic Certified

  • 5% non-organic materials allowed
  • Chemical-free soil for 7 years
  • 3 years of growing before eligible to meet standards
  • Weeding done by hand or approved synthetic or organic substances
  • May use approved synthetics for pests
  • Continual testing of soil only
  • May use conventional seed that is non-GMO
  • 15 volunteers make up the approval board staff
  • No 3rd party testing required

Young Living Seed to Seal

  • Zero pesticides or chemicals permitted
  • Chemical-free soil for 30+ years
  • 5 years of growing before being eligible to meet standards
  • Weed by hand
  • Control pests with essential oils
  • Continual testing of water, soil, and air
  • No conventional grown seeds
  • 50 trained scientists on staff
  • 3rd party testing required

Just these results show a difference but when 15 essential oil companies were called, that shows the true reason as to why Young Living stands above the rest.

The final reason that makes a difference in where you buy your essential oils…

Will you be educated? Once you have essential oils in your home, having the education and tools is important. Find someone you trust and you will get so much more out of your essential oils. If you are looking for that person, join me here.

As always be grateful & have faith!

God bless!


Healthy Kids Part 3

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Podcast #40

Healthy Kids

Part 3

Healthy kids start before they are even conceived. We can start by getting both mom and dad healthy and functioning well so that the baby also can have a healthy beginning.

+ Increasing Your Fertility

  • Get rid of any pathogens- parasites, fungus, candida, etc.
  • Clean up your diet and eat foods that can increase your fertility
  • Avoid two things- soy and processed sugars

+ Fun Facts for Healthy Families

  • Babies do not have the proper enzymes for food until they have teeth
  • Thyroid issues are commonly a lack of iodine and minerals- increase iodine with Lugol’s liquid iodine and minerals with Pink Himalayan or Black Hawaiin Sea Salt
  • If you have had soy overload- one organic carrot day helps to reverse some of the damage that may have been done
  • Fermented food is huge and we need to start eating them
  • Reach for the sourdough or sprouted bread

+ How do we start

There are many ways that we can start making changes to have healthier kids and an overall healthier family. Simple changes every day is the key and being consistent. Where do you want to start? What is the most important area of your life that needs to start seeing change? Start there and make the change!


As always, be grateful and have faith!

God Bless!