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podcasting ideasPodcasting Ideas – It’s More Than Just Talking

Episode #5

I’ve talked to dozens of people who have considered hosting a podcast but few last beyond a couple of episodes. In this podcast, I discuss different ideas and how to create a lasting impression on your listeners as well as grow your base. Listen as I share what I’ve learned since launching a podcast almost ten years ago and ways to keep your ideas creative.

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Show Notes: Podcasting Ideas

Product Podcasting Ideas:

  1. If you have a product, such as a book or a class consider teaching aspects of your book or class in each podcast.
  2. Use the podcast as a launching spot for trying new book ideas. If the idea is successful you will know by audience feedback.
  3. Use the feedback from your audience to create a new product.
  4. Test your new product on your audience – tweak before selling.
  5. Use your podcast to jump start sales, promote your upcoming book and suggest pre-sale orders

Service Podcasting Ideas

  1. Are you a consultant, or service provider? Use the podcast to show our knowledge on a topic where you consult.
  2. Use your podcast to create interest in a social media group you host. Begin a line of questioning in your podcast that you answer in your social media group, or privately through consultation.
  3. Podcast about your services – what is it that you do, explain.
  4. As an author-consultant, I interview special guests that my authors would want to know more about such as someone who knew about setting up book signings at big retailers, award-winning authors, agents, and publishers.
  5. What successful guest can you host who will bring value to your audience and help share your show?