Meet Erin Whalen from Compassionate Coaching

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Tired of feeling weary?

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do it is not enough? You are not just tired but weary of trying to do all the things for all the people. Enter Erin Whalen, a life coach who wants to help you go from weariness to hope. Erin journeys with women who want to stop focusing on all the doing and want to stop and listen to God’s call.

Why hope?

Our hope, as Christians, is in the name of the Lord. Hope appears in the bible over 200 times. Without hope, we can forget what God has written on our hearts. Erin seeks to serve women both in small groups and one-on-one coaching to learn our value and worth as a person created by God in his image and likeness.

New Group forming

“Do Justice” is a group being formed to help women look at how they can face real-life issues and brokenness in our world. It can be overwhelming when we see the great injustices around us; we may think we are powerless. To learn more, check out this website. 


I forgot to ask Erin before we started talking,  but she came through the perfect challenge: spend 5 minutes, resting in the Lord. Nothing fancy. But very powerful. Try it and let me know how it goes.

Where to find Erin

Instagram, Facebook, Website 


Malaika Wells–A Community Advocate

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Malaika Wells--A Community AdvocateEpisode 76–Malaika Wells–A Community Advocate


The Working Woman Radio Show sat down with Malaika Wells, a community advocate with Global Ubuntu in Atlanta.

Mrs. Wells, the co-director of the organization, shared how Global Ubuntu helps Georgia residents use their individual and collective power to change their communities for good.

Malaika stated that Global Ubuntu’s mission is to empower and act as facilitators for individuals and groups who want to be change agents.

More About Malaika Wells

Malaika Wells is the Co-Director of Global Ubuntu, an organization that manages grassroots, community initiatives designed to combat racism. 

Malaika and her husband, Andrew, are marriage mentors. Through their ministry, Coupled in Christ, the Wells hold one-on-one facilitated dialogues with couples.  They also sponsor group marriage enrichment events, such as the Boundaries in Marriage book club and the Art of Forgiveness workshop. Malaika is a Florida A &M University graduate. She is also the mother of four children that she homeschools. 



Global Ubuntu - Transformational Community Engagement & Organizational ConsultingGlobal Ubuntu 

​Since its inception in 2015, Global Ubuntu has helped Georgia residents to change their communities for good. Global Ubuntu envisions a just and peaceful world where everyone is welcomed, valued, and feels safe to thrive for their highest potential.



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