Secrets to Ultimate Productivity with Cindy Rushton

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secrets to ultimate productivityWhat are the secrets to ultimate productivity? Listen in and you’ll learn…

The Ultimate Productivity Secrets with Cindy Rushton 

Are you ready for my top productivity secrets? This one is going to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go! If you know Cindy Rushton, you know that she lives this topic! In fact, we meet her on a day that she is “practicing what she preaches” here. So, if you have every felt overwhelmed by all that needs to be done or not sure how to set up that ONE THING that you cannot ever seem to do or you are just tired and weary and have no idea y, this is your show! Cindy takes us through making to-do lists, time blocking, assigning time for the things that matter, setting up “Me-Time” getaways to work, rest, and pursue dreams, establishing disciplines, knowing our “best”, and fitting in rest. This is a jam-packed show that you will not want to miss.

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