Testimony of Donna Ross

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Testimony of Donna Ross. |After a wonderful 25-year career, Donna left the Magic Kingdom of Disney in 1994 to work for the Eternal Kingdom of God| #christianpodcast #podcast #catholicpodcast #testimony #donnaross #testimonyofdonnarossTestimony of Donna Ross

Testimony of Donna Ross. After a wonderful 25-year career, Donna left the Magic Kingdom of Disney in 1994 to work for the Eternal Kingdom of God. The Lord enriched her natural gifts with supernatural grace and called her into full-time ministry to his beloved Church. Much to her surprise, many of her skills developed over the years in the workplace have been helpful in her ministry experience.

She was the organizational chair for the first Orange County Charismatic Conference. She served as vice president of Southern California Renewal Communities (SCRC) for six years. She has been involved with Magnificat in Orange County since its inception. She has been a host of St. Joseph Catholic Radio since 1998. As director of Pastoral and Educational Services and DRE for her parish, she loved sharing that God is alive and well with everyone. Donna is the founding coordinator of the new Magnificat Chapter in Palm Desert, CA, Our Lady of Desert Roses.

She served on the vicariate core team and was the team leader for Life in the Spirit and Growth Seminars. She is the recipient of the Bishops award, and the Our Lady of Guadalupe award for her generous and selfless service to the Diocese of San Bernadino. Donna is currently serving as the Coordinator of the Central Service Team (CST) of the Magnificat International Ministry. Donna is a woman led by the Holy Spirit, and her testimony truly proclaims the greatness of the Lord.

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