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Meaning Of Life | What is it all about? What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose here? This is an age-old question, and in fact, you probably have joked about it at some point, right? | #podcast #christianpodcast #meaningoflife #life #ChristianFaithThe Meaning of Life Episode 144

What is it all about? What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose here? This is an age-old question, and in fact, you probably have joked about it at some point, right? The meaning of life is clearly unfolded in the books of Sacred Scripture but can we read between the lines? In this episode, we will delve into the way the Lord reveals Himself to us in His Word.

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Listening to various sermons online from some of the best preachers has been so eye-opening for me. I learn something new every day or perhaps glean a new insight that has escaped me in the past. In the last episode, we spoke about Pentecost – the infilling of the Holy Spirit after Jesus left this world and went up to heaven. He promised he would not leave us or abandon us and sending His Spirit gives us comfort.

As a Christian, I know that Jesus is the way the truth and the Life and that whoever believes in Him has salvation. The Resurrected Lord appeared to the disciples after His death and there were many eyewitnesses which is why even with the threat of death, the apostles would not deny Him. He appeared to them and selected another apostle to take the place of Judas who betrayed Him and He selected Mathias. We learn from the Scriptures that Mathias had been traveling with them all along and had been learning from the Lord just as the others had. But, something called to the Lord to select Him as a replacement. Have you ever wondered why? Remember we’ve discussed how the New Testament is a fulfillment of the Old Testament of the Bible. And the number twelve was significant so it makes sense that the twelve apostles would symbolize the power of God through the new Evangelism – the new testimony of His witnesses. Because they were filled with the Holy Spirit the power of God was working within them. They would be able to share the good news that all was not lost and that the salvation of many would take place.

God works through us in the same way as He worked through His apostles and we see this through salvation History. In the Old Testament God began His revelation in the beginning – when He created the heavens and the earth. And even after the fall of man in Genesis 3:15

We know that “your offspring and hers” – hers signifying Mary and He signifying Christ. Christ crushed the head of the beast, while the beast only wounded his heel – in the Crucifixion, the heels of Christ were pierced. The verses of Scripture are so rich and continue to reveal more and more each time we read them. From the beginning, we were promised salvation from evil – and the Word was made flesh and lived among us. Let’s look at Hebrews 1:1-14

In God’s own words the mystery of life is revealed. God reveals himself constantly through the years as they unfold in the Scriptures. He shows himself in the created order, in the world he gave us, in the natural beauty, and even in us – in the humans, he created in His image… He shows himself through the revelation and the witness of the prophets in Hebrews we read that – He revealed Himself in his covenants – with Abraham and the 12 tribes of Israel – one of the descendants from this tribe was David where Mary and Joseph’s lineage can be traced. From this covenant, he laid down the laws as they were revealed and he made his promises to the people.

But, in no way even with the greatness of all the words and the deeds and the miracles of the Old Testament is it surpassed by the glory that God gave us in His Son. He fully revealed Himself to us and this is the New Covenant – it is the meaning of life – it is the Word of God made flesh. If the creator of the universe could send His Son to die for us – what else is there? There is nothing else to be said – it is time to drop the proverbial microphone! It is done. It is finished. There is no other revelation that we need to know about or want, for our salvation.

As we study our faith, as we ask for a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit as we grow in our love for what the Almighty has done for us we realize that His love for us surpasses all understanding and the meaning of our life is only in the understanding of what it means to be in Christ and to have him in us.

Yet people always ask that age-old question – “if God is so good and all-knowing how can he allow suffering…” First, even the Son of God the second person in the Trinity did not save Himself from pain and suffering. We can read all the times in the New Testament where He suffered, where he even shed blood in the Garden of Gethsemane before they came to arrest Him because He knew what was coming. Do you think he does not understand what we are going through? Do you think he could have chosen a better time in history to show up, like now—where maybe he would be deemed crazy but harmless rather than at a time where punishment for supposed blaspheme was death by crucifixion? Think about it.

God gave us His Son out of love for us – if we, humankind understood this would we not make other choices and live in harmony? It is with those people – the ones he has given free will that choices – and many times the wrong choices by selfish people who are full of pride for themselves that we all suffer. Just think about the enemy, Satan – his fault was that he was filled with pride and though He was greater than God and disliked that the angels bowed before God when he felt they should bow before him. Friends, it isn’t God who sent us death and destruction it is caused at the very hands of the people God created who have turned their backs on Him.

The meaning of life is right before us – it is in our giving of our lives to the Lord. He is here. He is waiting. He is knocking. Will you let Him in? If you have not opened yourself up to the Lord in a deeper way, get down on your knees and do it today – ask the Lord to give you the words for repentance, ask him to forgive those things you have done in your past – if you can’t remember them ask the Lord to bring them to your mind, and then He will give you forgiveness no matter what you have done! Ask Jesus to come into your life in a deeper way and offer your life to Him. Ask Him to cleanse you from all the things that are not of Him and give you a heart that wants only what is good and holy. By opening your heart, the Lord can fill the void that sense of loss that sense that no one cares or understands you. God will bring it all to you in a way that you will understand and the truth will set you free.

Let’s Pray – Dear Heavenly Father how can I thank you for revealing yourself to us through the words of the Old Testament and then giving us your son in the New? How can we thank You, Jesus, for the gift you gave or your very life for our salvation? Please send us your Holy Spirit to renew our faith to renew our wants and our needs only in You, my God. I know the purpose of my life and that is to have a life filled with the joy that Your love brings. I ask for the following needs, You, my Jesus know my heart …. If it is your will, and in

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