The Obedient Son

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The Obedient Son Jn. |A Moment with Scripture-8:21-30-By Deacon David Hockwalt. This gospel highlights the misunderstanding between Jesus and the Pharisees| #TheObedientSonJn #ObedientSon #chrishtan #chrishtanpodcastThe Obedient Son

A Moment with Scripture-8:21-30-By Deacon David Hockwalt

The Obedient Son. This gospel highlights the misunderstanding between Jesus and the Pharisees. It is based on the fact that they are coming from two different perspectives. The Pharisees are in this earthly world, and Jesus is from heaven, above. The Pharisees cannot understand Jesus because they think about him in their own earthly terms. The same is today for those who deny Jesus’s divinity.

When Jesus says, ‘Where I am going, you cannot come, they think he is going to take his own life. Jesus says, ‘If you do not believe I am, you will die in your sins.’ In the bible there is a deep connection between sin and death. St. Paul writes, ‘Through Adam sin entered the world and through sin, death.’ When Jesus is talking about dying in your sins, he is talking about dying in the state of separation from God. Only Jesus can heal humanity of sin and reconcile them with the Father. To this day, those who believe in Jesus accept eternal life with the Father. Those who reject Jesus refuse his gift and thus die separated from God.

DEACON DAVID HOCKWALT has ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of San Bernardino in 2012. He continues in active ministry today and is the spiritual advisor to the vicariate Life in the Spirit team.

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