Wedding Feast of Cana

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WEDDING FEAST OF CANAWedding Feast of Cana with Sue Ellen Nolan

“The First of His Signs; Believe in Him”
In this podcast we are at the Wedding of Cana. Jesus is called out into ministry, by the prompting of His mother to step into His identity as the Savior of the world and manifest His glory in order that the disciples may believe (John 2:11). Her heart will be pierced in her suffering, but the greater good intended by the greatest event in human history will come into fullness. Her fiat assured her participation the bringing of His kingdom and her willingness to suffer with humility and dignity in God’s plan of Salvation.
These witnesses are present as He reveals this abundant miracle of water into wine in at a wedding. Jesus demonstrates this Sacrament as a vessel for abundant wine overflowing with the graces that are available from it. Those who were there came to believe. What does it take for us to believe? What will it take for us to assent to “doing whatever He tells us?”

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