When You Both Work From Home

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When You Both Work From HomeEpisode 31–When You Both From Home: Navigating the New Normal 


When you both work from home life can get a little crazy, but with the Coronavirus pandemic, couples working from home is the new normal.

For our family,  our daughter who is in college, is doing her coursework online from home, as well.

Although some of the states around the country, including Georgia where I live, are allowing businesses to open back up. However, the virus is still spreading, and people are still dying.  I don’t know about you, but our family plans to continue working from home for a while.  As I talk to people, I’m hearing that a lot of other people are planning on doing the same thing, so this is our new normal, at least for now.

With everyone working from home, there are bound to be, at least, a few problems, so I want to share some tips that can be used to make the experience less of a hardship on everybody.

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When You Both Work From Home

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When You Both Work From Home

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