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writing and podcasting adviceThe Writing and Podcast Advice Show with Felice Gerwitz

Are you ready to launch that new book idea or your very own podcast? Look no further. On the Writing and Podcasting Advice Show you will learn the basics on how to get started with your very own project. Felice Gerwitz is your personal advisor and here to help you. Are  you ready? Let’s make this year your very best.

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Interested in book to help you launch your writing career? The Information In A Nutshell Series:

Writing and Publishing or Business Tips and Taxes for Writers. Do you have a child who is a budding author? Try Reach For The Stars! All available on Amazon.

Writing and Publishing

Show Notes: Writing and Podcasting Advice

I love helping entrepreneurs. Since 2002 I’ve worked with aspiring authors as an author-consultant and absolutely love helping people in the publishing process. I’ve advised a Catholic ministry on starting a publishing company and just finished our second mega-book project with nineteen different testimonies apiece. In the process of working on other people’s works as well as my own I’ve made my fair share of mistakes.

This podcast is to help you avoid them!

I am the author of nineteen books and the one that focuses on what I do here, is in the information in a Nutshell Series: Writing and Publishing – in this book I give you a nutshell version of what it takes to write and publish a book. It is very brief and like sitting with me for four hours where I share exactly what you should know to get your book published.

So, what is your project?

  1. Do you have a book idea?
  2. Do you want to publish a work that is already complete?
  3. Are you interested in finding good ideas?
  4. Do you have a great idea for a podcast? I am looking for talent!

There are many people out there more talented than I am in writing, publishing OR podcasting but the difference between many of them and myself? They are sitting around thinking about it and I DID IT!

So, let’s get going – you and me. Join me weekly on this broadcast and let’s get that project in front of the widest audience possible!


  1. Judy Bogdan says

    I met Felice in a podcast group a few years ago and then followed her on facebook. I respect her knowledge and expertise in both areas, so this past year I contracted with her to help me self publish my first book. While doing my book, I learned so much about what I did not know. But Felice always had the answers. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with either of these things.

  2. time to get going! Thank you Felice 🙂

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