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As the school year ends, many young adults are making decisions about attending colleges and universities.Choose Your Education:
As the school year ends, many young adults are making decisions about attending colleges and universities. For many, it will be their first time away from their family and they are excited and nervous. Many of these young adults know exactly why they are attending school. They may have aspirations of being an engineer, doctor, attorney, or dentist. Others are going to school because they think they are expected to go to school. This crowd was told by their parents that unless you have a bachelor’s degree, you will never succeed. That advice is wrong. Many years ago, a bachelor’s degree had ROI (Return on Investment). It no longer does. I do not see those who have completed 4 years of school earning more than the student who attended a junior college or one who is freshly exiting the military. IN fact, I see the opposite. Those that are attending trade schools to become a plumber, mechanic, electrician are greatly exceeding others their age in income and lack of debt. I have clients who entered their 40’s still paying on college loans. I have consulted with attorneys who were making mid 5 figures 5 years out of school. I consul parents who spent over 1 million dollars on their children’s education to see them graduate and earn less than 6 figures. That makes no sense. There are kids graduating high school, going to work for the coal mine and making almost 6 figures their first year. The ROI on a bachelor’s degree is basically gone. Consider a trade school. Consider the military, of which is where I found my home and learned what it took to be successful. There are no bragging rights for having a 4 year degree and 250,000 in student loan debt. If God has put you on a path that requires a traditional university, then follow that path, be obedient. If you are just going to school because you didn’t know what else to do, go see a recruiter. You will learn considerably more and earn GI Bill funds to attend school if you wish.

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