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The Revolutionary Stewardship Podcast is a program centered on discussing modern day financial concerns and applying Biblical wisdom to guide us.Are you aware that money is the most discussed topic in scripture? In fact, it is discussed over 2300 times. The Lord knew we were going to struggle with our financial stewardship and gave us a magnitude of instruction on how to handle those issues. The Revolutionary Stewardship Podcast is a program centered on discussing modern day financial concerns and applying Biblical wisdom to guide us. We dig deep into God’s guidance on investing, estate planning, and wealth transfer.

Meet Jay Dee Schurz, Pastor, Certified Kingdom Advisor™, Certified Stewardship Instructor, and Host of the “Revolutionary Stewardship” podcast

Jay has dedicated his life to providing education to those people seeking to align their faith and values with their stewardship. Jay spent the early part of his life serving in the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman for 12 years and has served in the financial industry since 1996.

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Revolutionary Stewardship Podcast with Jay Dee Schurz
Revolutionary Stewardship Podcast with Jay Dee Schurz
Jay Dee Schurz

Biblical Wisdon for Modern Day Financial Concerns

Revolutionary Stewardship Podcast Episodes

The Root of “Wants”

Materialism is the root of these purchases. Materialism shakes us from buying an item to satisfy a need versus buying an item we want to impress others. Scripture speaks about this topic in detail.

A Time to Buy and a Time to Sell

A time to buy and a time to sell I have been bombarded with questions regarding real estate in the recent months. Is it a good time to buy? Is it a good time to sell? Will rates go back up? Should I do a 15 or 30 year mortgage? All very good questions. Let […]

Why Save?

Why Save? I have discussed the topic of the need to save money for 25 years. I see the problems people face when they have no savings and get into a “tight spot”. What prevents us from saving money? The worldview ways of handling money is the culprit. Many people are buried in debt and […]

The “Why” of Stewardship

I spent the first 12 years of my adult life in a position of law enforcement. One of the elements of my training was how to interview and what questions were important. Those questions were laid out as the 5 W’s.  We asked who, what, where, when and why during the course of an investigation. […]

Automatic Savings

Automatic Savings As a young husband and father, one of my goals was to make as much money as I could. I discovered was that raising children was expensive. I worked part-time jobs on my days off, I jumped at any available overtime opportunities. The more money I made, the more money I spend. When […]

It’s up to You

It’s up to You! I have been teaching Biblical Stewardship since 2008. I have acquired various certifications in the discipline such as Certified Stewardship Instructor and Certified Kingdom Advisor. I have spread the stewardship message across many radio stations, podcasts, newspaper articles and blogs during the last 13 years. My observation during that time frame […]

Be Still

Be Still. I have found that if we set our Biblical priorities of importance, we can often relieve much of the anxiety and stress we carry.

Guide to Marketing

Guide to Marketing As a business owner, one of the many hurdles we face is how to acquire customers. There are many options available concerning marketing and advertising. Most of those people in the marketing discipline tell you of the high degree of success that they can generate for your business. In reality, you are […]

Lessons from the storm

Every storm that we survive in our lives is a learning opportunity. How do we react to a similar storm in the future? Those who do not learn, are trapped in a vicious cycle destined to make the same mistakes and expose themselves to the same pain over and over again. We are all still […]

Choose Your Education

Choose Your Education: As the school year ends, many young adults are making decisions about attending colleges and universities. For many, it will be their first time away from their family and they are excited and nervous. Many of these young adults know exactly why they are attending school. They may have aspirations of being […]

What is a REIT?

REITs, or real estate investment trusts, are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate across a range of property sectors.

Guard Against Greed

I have had the pleasure of sharing God’s word concerning financial stewardship for many years.

Hedging Against Politics

We talk about hedging against inflation by investing in certain cyclical and noncyclical sectors. What the public doesn’t discuss is the topic of hedging against politics.

The Dangers of Inflation

I feel the need to revisit the topic of inflation as is has been all over the news stations this past week.

Inflation, and It’s Impact on You

Inflation has been relatively low for several years, but now, it is being monitored closely.

Our Communication Skills

Evolution is happening right in front of us. Evolution of communicating. The Pandemic put this evolution into warp speed. In my opinion, this change in our ability to communicate with one another is destructive.

How Do We Influence Change?

We can make a difference in how this world develops, but until we can individually hold ourselves to be obedient in our Christian lives, it is all a smoke screen with no base.

The Healthcare Dilemma

One of the largest requirements in our lives is the need of healthcare insurance. I am dismayed at the number of people who think they cannot afford healthcare options.

Intentional Ignorance

Where we invest and where we spend our money can and does make a difference.

Investing in Our Eternal Home

Why do we focus on material things in a place where we are here just for a short time? The answer really is between you and God.

Watching the World Implode

Do you think the world is more morally intact in 2021 than what is was 10 years ago? What about 20, 30, or even 50 years ago?

Is Today the Day?

As a former law enforcement officer, I don’t think that those people I witnessed lose their life in car accidents thought that today was the day!

Tomorrow May Never Come

Tomorrow may never come. Please stop procrastinating when it comes to your stewardship and relationships.

The Truth about Annuities

There are many misconceptions about annuities. In this podcast episode we discuss the different types of annuities and the benefits and negatives to each.

The Opportunities of an Obedient Steward

Utilize the talent(s) God has given you to do these things as you strive to be better stewards.

Seek the Advice of Many Advisors

The foundation of estate planning should include three professional advisors and should include a financial advisor, CPA, and an attorney.

Using a Budget

This week on the podcast – If you and your family want financial security, following a budget is the only answer.

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

A 2007 review of the academic literature by the nonpartisan CongressiEonalBudget Office (CBO) found that “over the past two decades, most efforts to estimate the fiscal impact of immigration in the United States have concluded that, in aggregate and over the long term, tax revenues of all types generated by immigrants—both legal and unauthorized—exceed the cost of the services they use.” While the overall fiscal impact on the US is beneficial, unauthorized immigrants have an adverse impact on the budgets of state and local governments.

Responsible Stimulus Stewardship

For those people who have been directly impacted by the pandemic, the stimulus will hopefully provide some relief. For those who were not impacted by the pandemic, let me give some suggestions. In today’s episode, “Responsible Stimulus Stewardship”, Jay gives you some very basic guidelines on the best way to spend your stimulus check.

Starting a Business

One of the greatest things about living in the United States is the opportunities available to us to take an idea and to put it into motion by starting our own business. As an experienced faith based financial planner, Jay Shurz discusses two different options available in the start of a business.

Purchasing a Vehicle

One of the largest purchases in our lives besides purchasing a home, is purchasing a vehicle. Throughout large parts of the United States, a vehicle is a necessity. There are right and wrong ways to approach and finalize a vehicle purchase, unfortunately, many mistakes are often made. In today’s episode, “Purchasing a Vehicle”, Jay gives you some very basic guidelines to purchasing a vehicle.

Church Debt

Church Debt A common question people have confronted me with over the last several years is whether or not a church should assume debt. It is my opinion that a church should not take on debt. Many issues may cause a church to consider debt or become a church in debt. One of the primary […]

Breaking the Power of Money

Are you aware that there is an anecdote for the struggles we have with money? When people come to me and say they are having issues with debt and materialism, my first question to them is, “Are you tithing?” Seem a strange question, but based on scripture, I do not believe we will ever conquer […]

Reaching Contentment

What is your idea of a perfect retirement? Over the last 25 years as a financial planner, I have heard many similar answers to that question. Many men say they want to play golf every day. People want to travel and buy homes near the beach. Often, the answers revolve around buying things or spending […]

The Final Tithe: Conclusion

As we conclude the podcast series on our “Final Tithe”, I want to share with you the reasoning behind the need to include the Kingdom in your estate plan.

The Final Tithe: Tax Efficiency

Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging, during a person’s life, for the management and disposal of that person’s estate during the person’s life, in the event the person becomes incapacitated and after death.

The Final Tithe: Using Beneficiary Designations

As we continue the series on “The Final Tithe” and how to include the Kingdom in our estate plan, I want to share with you a missed opportunity to easily name people or entities as beneficiaries.

The Final Tithe: Discussing Trusts

In this episode of “The Final Tithe”, I discuss the use of Trusts and how they can serve our purpose in a non-secular estate plan.

The Final Tithe: Using a Will

As we continue the podcast series discussing your “Final Tithe”, I want to discuss the importance of a will. The will accomplishes many tasks for your estate, primarily handling those tangible assets that must be distributed. Additionally, having a Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will in place can make handling your wishes much easier. […]

The Final Tithe- Part 1

I am going to begin a series of podcasts titled “The Final Tithe”. I will discuss the need to include the Kingdom in your estate planning. To fully understand estate planning with a Biblical perspective, one must first understand ownership. The following verses all describe the fact that God is the creator and owner of […]

Stop Procrastinating!

Stop procrastinating!  Having been a financial planner for the last quarter of century, I have made many observations of people who have been successful and people who have failed regarding their stewardship.

The Market Roller Coaster

The Market Roller Coaster – We have seen some prime examples of an emotional stock market in recent weeks.

Buying a Home

Buying a home is often one of the largest financial decision a person makes in their lifetime. The process can be stressful without the proper guidance regarding the home purchase. I have seen many people make serious mistakes during their home buying event. I am going to give you some common sense advice that I […]

A New Administration

I have fielded many questions over the last three weeks regarding the new administration and what impact this change may have on a person’s financial plan and investment accounts.

Obedience in our Stewardship

Scripture mentioning financial issues is throughout the bible, in fact, there are over 2300 verses detailing how we should handle money. God knew we were going to struggle with stewardship of the “treasures” he has blessed us with. As I counsel people of all denominations, ethnic groups, ages, and genders, I see the struggles that […]

Controlling the Physical

What are the non-verbal characteristics of a Christian? What would make someone who sees you in public think that you are a believer? I have taught many lessons on the non-verbal characteristics if a Christian and those identifiers include showing love, showing kindness, being joyful, being charitable, and having self-control. When we are unable to […]

Why Risk Tolerance is Important

Risk tolerance is the degree of variability in investment returns that an investor is willing to withstand in their financial planning. Risk tolerance is an important component in investing. You should have a realistic understanding of your ability and willingness to stomach large swings in the value of your investments; if you take on too much risk, you might panic and sell at […]

What to do with the Stimulus check?

Roth IRA or 401k? Jay goes into what you can do with your stimulus check to contribute to your retirement.

Guaranteed Life Insurance Explained

You often see commercials on television offering “Guaranteed Life Insurance”.  Those commercials are talking about Graded Death Benefit Life insurance and I think it is important to understand these types of life insurance contracts.

Why Rebalance?

You may or may not need to do any rebalancing at that time, but reviewing your portfolio periodically is a good exercise.

3 Helpful Tips

As we enter into a new year, here are three pieces of advice I recommend. Change your passwords. No one enjoys working with passwords, but they’re necessary for keeping your accounts secure — at least until something better comes along. You likely already make sure that your passwords are strong and difficult-to-crack. You might even go the […]

The Importance of a Will

A will is a legal document that sets forth your wishes regarding the distribution of your property and the care of any minor children. If you die without a will, those wishes may not be carried out.1 Further, your heirs may be forced to spend additional time, money, and emotional energy to settle your affairs […]

International Travel Tips to the Mission Field

As believers, we are often given an opportunity to travel abroad to the mission field. In this podcast I discuss various tips regarding international travel and the need for travel insurance. What is travel insurance? Travel insurance is a type of policy that reimburses you for money you lose from non-refundable deposits and payments when […]

Inflation Impact on Retirement

The primary concern for retirees is how inflation affects their purchasing power. This is true even if inflation remains low because seniors are more likely than younger consumers to spend money on things that tend to increase in price, such as healthcare. Few things can cause as many problems for your retirement outlook as inflation. You know that when […]

Investment Accounts for Children

One way we can raise good stewards is to begin teaching a child early in their life God’s plan for obedient stewardship. A unique opportunity to teach a child about investing is to create an investment account and include the child in the conversations regarding, management of the assets. There are three types of accounts […]

Should I Co-Sign?

I am often asked questions regarding the subject of co-signing for a loan. Scripture gives us an abundance of advice regarding financial stewardship, and although it does not specifically say “co-signing”, we can gather enough information relating to the topic to know that it is not a good idea and here is why: It doesn’t […]

A Materialistic Christmas

We are in high gear with just a few weeks remaining until Christmas. Christmas has turned from a day of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ into the devil’s holiday as materialism consumes our thoughts. God knew we would struggle with materialism as it is valuing the physical over the spiritual. Matthew 6:19-24 Jesus warned […]

Donor Advised Funds

Give it away? Instead of selling their potentially taxable appreciated assets, benevolent clients might want to donate the shares to a qualified charity. The process can be a little tedious, but not much more than selling the asset, calculating the cost basis, incurring capital gains taxes and then writing a check. If the appreciated asset is worth […]

Seek Godly Advice

The Bible has over 2300 verses that discuss money and financial stewardship. Scripture relating to debt, investing, giving, and sin is found throughout the gospels. God knew we would struggle with stewardship and the amount of instruction on money management within the Bible is proof of this. With money being such an important topic, I […]

The Importance of Diversification

In times of economic uncertainty, I like to focus the conversation regarding investing to risk tolerance and diversification. These are tumultuous times. We have the issues with the pandemic, politics, and social divisions across the globe. People are genuinely concerned. During these troubled times it is important to focus on the guidance God has delivered […]

Non-Qualified Investing

A non-qualifying investment is an investment that does not qualify for any level of tax-deferred or tax-exempt status. Investments of this sort are made with after-tax money. They are purchased and held in tax-deferred accounts, plans or trusts. Returns from these investments are taxed on an annual basis. With non-qualifying investments, typically the investor is under […]

Qualified Plans Available to You

As we continue to discuss building a God honoring financial plan, we begin to discuss the third building block of the plan, which is qualified investing. The most common options for qualified investing are dependent upon your type of employment. For those that are self-employed or work at an employer that does not offer a […]

Prioritizing Your Plan

A question that is asked in regards to starting a financial plan is “Should I pay off my debt before I start a financial plan?”

Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is an often discussed topic among financial planners and consultants. An emergency fund is the 2nd building block of a financial plan and is critical to have in place for a myriad of reasons. Many planners advise that 6 months of income is an adequate amount of funds to set aside for […]

Determining Need

Life insurance is the building block of a financial plan. Life insurance allows a financial plan to be self-completing if you fail to survive until the goals of your plan are met. Determining the amount of life insurance need is an exact science. You can discover the number by answering an in-depth series of questions. […]

Tax Efficient Estate Planning

Life insurance is an instrumental piece of a financial plan for a myriad of reasons.

A Buy and Sell Agreement

A buy and sell agreement is a legally binding contract that stipulates how a partner’s share of a business may be reassigned if that partner dies or otherwise leaves the business.

Types of Life Insurance

In today’s podcast, we discuss the 3 types of Life Insurance. Term life insurance or term assurance is life insurance that provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time, the relevant term. Universal life insurance is a type of cash value life insurance, sold primarily in the United States. […]

A Self-Completing Plan

Life insurance is a topic that many people avoid. People do not like to talk about dying, and many more people don’t like the idea of paying premiums associated with life insurance. 1 Tim 5:8 states that “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith […]

How Much is Enough?

How much money is enough? The world says that money provides success, security, and significance. The world says we will be happier if we have more. Do people with more money find happiness? We see people playing Powerball, Mega Millions, and scratch off tickets daily attempting to “get rich”. Through investigation, we see that many […]

Long Term Care

Long Term Care may easily be one of our largest financial expenditures in our lifetime. A person has a 68% chance of needing care to assist them with one or more activities of daily living.

Healthcare Options

Healthcare is a major topic for all of us, but especially for those that are self-employed. Those people who are need of their own health plans are dealing with issues in relation to premium cost, deductibles, exclusions, and doctor acceptance of their plan.  is an option for people to purchase “Obamacare” in their individual […]

Fiduciary Explained

The term fiduciary is a buzz word in the financial planning arena. The term is also applicable to our stewardship of God’s assets. Review the definition of fiduciary and envision how this applies to your personal financial stewardship. If God were looking to hire an advisor, what would your resume look like based on your […]

Kingdom Focused Retirement

Retirement is a hot topic. We are involved in IRAs, 401ks, and pensions. Investment companies and advisory firms bombard us with marketing that is infiltrated with worldview. Many websites created by retirement consultants have photos of retirees on the golf course, on a sailboat, or relaxing on the beach. I have yet to see any […]

Making A Change

Change is often necessary regarding our financial stewardship. Sometimes change happens voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily. We are destined to make the same mistakes and stay in a rut of poor stewardship if we are not willing to make a change. Change may require us to stop using debt, may require us to live with less,  […]

Faith Overcomes Your Problems

We are living in a world that has been turned upside down. Many people have lost their jobs, lost income, and have been restricted because of the pandemic. We have been limited to online worship instead of attending the church. Travel is restricted and there is no end in sight. In these times of trouble, […]

Does Money Dictate Your Behavior?

Who do you serve? God or money? In today’s world, the overwhelming issue is that money is dictating the behavior of people. In 1 Tim 6:10 we are told that the love of money is the root of all evil. I can attest to validity of that statement. Money cannot physically harm us, but the […]

The Church is an Organism not an Institution

The church is an organism, not an institution. There is a whole demographic of people who have changed churches or have left their church who feel bitterness because the relationships they believed were real, ceased upon leaving their church. God has not forgotten you and God still loves you. Don’t allow the failures of man […]

Important Documents

Your important documents and final wishes should not become a treasure hunt for your loved ones or executor. In this episode, I discuss the types of documents that need to be available for your beneficiaries and executor of your estate.  Regardless of age, this topic needs to be addressed and followed. Meet Jay Dee Schurz, […]

Being Proactive vs. Reactive

As a shareholder you can be proactive and voice your opinion to shareholder services or vote on key issues. Ultimately, you can divest yourself of those companies you own that profit from and support those activities that are contrary.

Difficult Topics of a Financial Plan

Creating a financial plan isn’t simply talking about investing. A financial plan has many moving parts that can and will change over your lifetime. There are topics within the financial plan that people like to discuss and there are issues that people avoid because of the sensitivity to the topic. Death is one of those […]

The Dangers of Insolvency

An alarming trend that I see as a financial planner is the high number of Christians who’s estate would be insolvent at death. Insolvency is when your you owe more than what you are worth. I also see a larger number of people accumulating debt past the age of 65. These issues have the strong […]

Revolutionary Stewardship

In Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, King Soloman observed and journaled many things pertaining to the seasons of our lives. His conclusion was that everything is meaningless without God’s eternal perspective he has placed in our heart. Financial Stewardship is meaningless without that eternal perspective and how it guides us through the decisions we make.

When will the seed produce a harvest?

When will the seed produce a harvest? Listeners often fall into 4 groups in regards to receiving the gospel.

What are you doing to Glorify God?

What are you doing to Glorify God? Great things are happening globally in regard to spreading the Gospel. There are missionaries risking their lives to save souls in all nations.

Biblically Responsible Investing

Biblically Responsible Investing aligns a person’s beliefs with their investments by avoiding those companies that profit from and support issues contrary to their moral compass.

Could I Accuse You of Being a Christian?

Could I identify you as being a Christian by reviewing your financial stewardship? How we handle or mishandle God’s assets is very important regarding our obedience to God.

Introducing Your Host, Jay Dee Schurz

As your host, I think it is important for you to know my background and my personal testimony. God has led me on a very interesting path.

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