Controlling the Physical

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What are the non-verbal characteristics of a Christian? What are the non-verbal characteristics of a Christian? What would make someone who sees you in public think that you are a believer? I have taught many lessons on the non-verbal characteristics if a Christian and those identifiers include showing love, showing kindness, being joyful, being charitable, and having self-control. When we are unable to show those characteristics, many times it is because we have lost control of the physical, or “free will”. If we are unhappy and angry, it’s very difficult to show love, joy, kindness, and to be charitable. When we lose control of the physical, we start to treat our unhappiness with a number of sinful activities such as buying material things to make us feel better, being promiscuous, gambling, drinking, and addictions. Those symptoms are evidence of losing control of the PHYSICAL and our God given free will allowed us to slide down that path of sin. Free will can be used to glorify God or rebel against God.

Obedient stewardship is 100% free will. We can choose to avoid debt. We can choose to avoid gambling. We can choose to invest with a biblical perspective. We can choose to be charitable. To be obedient, one must control the physical. When we are free of financial concerns and worries, our attitude is considerably different and we can show that attributes of a Christian and ultimately be content in Christ and the Kingdom.

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