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As a business owner, one of the many hurdles we face is how to acquire customers.Guide to Marketing
As a business owner, one of the many hurdles we face is how to acquire customers. There are many options available concerning marketing and advertising. Most of those people in the marketing discipline tell you of the high degree of success that they can generate for your business. In reality, you are going to be disappointed in many of the options. We are blasted with advertisers from newspaper, radio, web designers, social media ad specialist, and local businesses or sports teams. You must remember, they are all trying to make money as well. The pandemic has doubled the amount of people trying to make money in the social distancing world. I have personally spent well into the 6 figures over the last 25 years as a financial planner of which, most was paying for my radio programs. It is important to start your marketing with a budget. Do not be bullied into spending more from those who say they are taking limited clients or zip code specific zones. It is my preference to support fellow Christians in their business, including advertising. 2 Cor 6:14 states we should not be unequally yoked with the unbeliever. As you research, talk to others in your discipline. If they are successful, most will help you regarding the marketing questions. Find a page or blog from your type of business and see what they are doing that is producing results. Don’t shy away from face to face marketing, which in my opinion, still is the most successful. Be prepared to tell people what you do and why you are different from others in the same field. Don’t give up on a strategy before it has a chance to work. Poor marketing or making bad decisions regarding your marketing can put a short life span on your business. Be disciplined in how you approach, purchase, and monitor your advertising options.  If you would like to discuss this topic, feel free to send a direct message and I will share my own personal experiences with you. God Bless.

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